VERSAILLES — The historic Jamison Farm, along the banks of the Stillwater River, just north of Webster will be the topic for Versailles Area Museum’s (VAM’s) Last Monday event on March 28.

Every community has a lonesome house or building that comes out of another time, beckoning each new generation to envelop itself in the stories or legends of these footprints from the past.

“The Jamison house is one of those homes,” said a spokesperson. “It appears from out of the past, and what we thought might have been, to become the building blocks for great stories, real or imagined that we all have shared. This month, Sarah Magoto, VAM board member and researcher will share the history of this beautiful old homestead and its place in our local story. She will share photos never before seen and, of course, there will be time for your stories about this house that has fascinated all of us for over 150 years.”

This upcoming “Last Monday” will be held at the Versailles Area Museum, beginning at 1 p.m. The museum will be open for touring and a light dessert will be offered after the event.

“We hope you’ll invite your friends for another wonderful program at the museum,” said organizers.

Jamison Farm featured on ‘Last Monday’

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