Ohio’s state payroll hits $3 billion for 1st time since 2011


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – New data show that Ohio state workers last year made $3 billion for the first time since Gov. John Kasich’s first year in office.

Salary data released Friday by the Department of Administrative Services shows a 1.76 percent increase – about $53 million – from the previous year, partly because most state workers received a 2.5 percent pay bump in July.

Overtime pay fell slightly to $112.4 million. The gross average wage for state workers rose to more than $51,000 last year, up from about $50,000 in 2014.

The number of employees stayed about the same at nearly 52,000.

Seventy-seven employees earned at least $190,000. Kasich earned about $148,000.

A psychiatrist with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services was the highest paid state employee last year, taking in more than $456,000. Nearly $269,000 of that pay was overtime pay, which was mostly made up of “on duty” pay, or compensation for covering shifts at some state institutions that operate all day.

A nurse with the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction earned the most overtime pay out of the employees who are ineligible for “on duty” or “on call” duties at nearly $185,000. About $106,000 of that was overtime pay.

The state payroll lists all full-time and part-time state workers. It doesn’t list university employees or those working at JobsOhio, a privatized state development agency.

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