GHS Supply Chain Management team celebrates state victory


GREENVILLE — There was a celebration held in Dara Buchy’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Team class on Wednesday afternoon.

She and her students were celebrating her students’ state victory for raising the most money for Business Professionals of America Ohio and Darke County Special Olympics.

Four of Buchy’s students — Addison Hart (who is also state parliamentarian), Terin Ellis, Chelsea Stout and Logan Emrick — made the celebration happen with their award-winning project.

“This moved from a four-person team to an entire class project,” Buchy said. “Last year, we came up with the idea of taking it to a live event. The whole club raised money for Special Olympics. We’re the only one who does this as a county-wide project. We raised all of our items by donations, and the deejay donated his services.”

It all evolved from a Special Olympic fundraiser held at Greenville High School to spotlight the Special Olympians.

The event showed the Olympians as the stars they are, with a black tie-themed dinner and show.

“A Night in Hollywood” was created to showcase the Special Olympic participants by opening their artistic abilities to the public through a talent show and an art auction. This event was hosted by the team members from the SCM program at Greenville Career Technology Center (CTC).

Guests were provided with Hollywood-themed refreshments and entertainment throughout the duration of the evening.

“Usually, the Special Olympic participants are limited to athletic teams,” said Logan Emrick, one of the students. “However, the Special Olympians are extremely talented in many different ways. A Night in Hollywood focused on giving them the opportunity to show off their own unique talents to our community through artwork, talent and enthusiasm. Our goal was to have all eyes on our Darke County Special Olympic participants as they may feel like the stars they are.”

The event offered a variety of opportunities for the attendees to give back to Special Olympics fund throughout the evening.

“A Night in Hollywood was a smashing success last year in its inaugural debut, raising more than $7,000 with business donations, ticket sales, fun family games, silent art auction and door prize raffles,” Emrick said. “The second annual A Night in Hollywood was an even bigger success and we are hoping to continue the tradition on the years to come. All together, the SCM program has raised $13,112 with the two events.”

Emrick explained that the class is also actively involved in BPA .

“The Ohio Association is subdivided into 19 regions,” she said. “The region with the highest amount of donated money toward Special Olympics receives the traveling trophy. We are pleased to announce our efforts to raise the highest amount has succeeded, and we now have obtained the traveling trophy. In addition to raising money, we are pleased to allow our community to become connected with Special Olympics in a way that they have never experienced before by continuing A Night in Hollywood for the third annual A Night in Hollywood, scheduled for March 4, 2017.”

The SCM team is proud of the hard work that has gone into making this event the best it can be.

“We are appreciative of the unwavering support of Darke County and the members of our community. Thank you. We look forward to next year’s event.,” Emrick concluded.

Among those attending the celebration Wednesday were 20-year-old Ryan Burnett and his mother, Rebecca. In addition to being part of Special Olympics, Ryan is also on the Slammers basketball team, which won its championship as well.

“On behalf of the school district, I thank the young people’s leadership in A Night in Hollywood,” said Superintendent Doug Fries at the celebration. “You get involved in projects and have the kids be a part in leadership. You turn it over to the young people. It should give you a good feeling about yourself.”

Cindy Rose, director of Darke County Special Olympics also spoke, “In special Olympics’ 38 years of existence and my 22 years, there is support from student to student. That makes me the most proud. I appreciate everything you have done.”

By Linda Moody

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