Ansonia students return to classes following chemical spill


ANSONIA — It was school as usual for students in the Ansonia Local School District Wednesday, the day after a chemical spill in the ag room spurred an evacuation.

“We had a normal schedule today and will have the rest of the week,” said Superintendent James Atchley.

Seven students and two staff people were taken to Wayne HealthCare and Coldwater hospitals after a 10-ounce bottle of fruit tree pesticide had spilled and gotten into the vents.

“Overall, it worked out well,” said Atchley. “You always think you can learn from it, but all in all it went well. Ansonia and Rossburg fire departments did a good job as did the rescue squads that came. And, the staff did an excellent job helping with the dismissals and pickups.”

According to the superintendent, all of those taken to the hospital were released Tuesday night.

“School nurse Amanda Fischer did a good job as did the rescue squads,” he said.

It was also noted that between 20 and 30 students were checked out after the chemical spill because of some complaints, including headaches and respiratory issues.

Students who rode buses were taken to the playground on the west side of the building, and students who get picked up were taken out to the football field.

“The elementary was not impacted except for the last 10 to 15 minutes, when we dismissed them,” he said.

The incident, he said, occurred around noon or 12:15.

“I started my day at Mississinawa Valley [of which he is also superintendent],” and when the news crews came I needed to get over here [Ansonia],” he said.

By Linda Moody

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