Commissioner Stegall insulting, wrong and out of touch



County Commissioner Mike Stegall’s “Cupcake Generation” article circulating Facebook is not only insulting, but quite frankly, wrong and out of touch.

I have had the pleasure of teaching high school students for over 10 years in a variety of settings. I have taught a wide demographic of the “cupcakes,” and so I feel I have some authority to attest to their beliefs and strengths. In my classroom, students are expected to turn work in on time and to the best of their ability. I would say that this skill would transfer to any job they may some day acquire. The majority of my students are hard workers who understand they have to put forth the time and effort required to earn a good grade.

Stegall also seems to think that the “Cupcake Generation” will only be able to improve itself if they go back to the gender norms of the 1950s. Women are not “tramps” simply because they don’t need a man to assure their parents that they “will be taken care of.” Should women (and men for that matter) demand respect from their partners? Of course. But to suggest that the only way to show this respect is to return to outdated gender roles is simply ludicrous. Act like a man? Does he mean speak to women with the respect they deserve? He should take his own advice.

Stegall’s article shows a clear lack of understanding of an entire generation of young people and he is content to condemn all of them in one fell swoop. If he would listen to these young people, I am sure they would prove him wrong.

Emily Kremer

North Star

By Emily Kremer

North Star

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