Eldora Speedway begins 2016 season


ROSSBURG – Eldora Speedway opened its 2016 season on Saturday.

In the Dirt Car Modifids the winners were Tim Richardson, David Meke and Chris Douglas. For the stock cars the winners were Jeremy Greech, Jordan Conover, Rob Trent and Brian Ruhlman. In the Modified Nick Straupe won race 14 out of 18. In Stock car Dippman won race 15 out of 18. Then the real racing began for the money.

In Late Model there were 24 cars and they had to run 25 laps. Duane Chamberlain out of Richmond, Indiana, took home the money while Devin Moran got second and James Rice out of Kentucky got third.

In the Modified cars there were 24 cars and 20 laps. Scott Bowersock and Collin Thirlby got into a nasty wreck with Thirlby flipping over onto his top. David Mielke got first taking home the cash, Evan Taylor got second, and Jeff Koz got third.

In the stock car racing there were 21 cars and they had to go 15 laps. Only one car spun out in this race otherwise it was a clean race. Paul Pardo got first taking home the money for the stock cars. Red Harvey JR got second, and Rob Trent took third places.

While qualifying to get into the races for the money in the Late Model Anderzack wrecked and Kruckeberg came off the track. In the stock cars four out of the eight cars wrecked and only one returned from that wreck. The modified had two wrecks Brandon Vaughan wrecked and had to be towed off. Also, Jason Kinney the 4K car and Colin Green got loose and crashed into each other. They were running second and third at that time, which would have qualified them for racing for the money. They were leaking a lot of fuel and had to be towed off.

“The track is slick,” said Scott Williams, drives the No. 1 in the Modifieds. “However, when you get up to the cushion it tightens. It’s the smoothest he actually remembers.”

He said the track is fast and a great track to race at.

“There is a small cushion on the backside,” Rob Anderzack, stock car driver of the No. 8, said. “However, it is slick, but that is normal for this place.”

Derrick Austin, driver of the 0% from Troy, said, “The track is pretty slick. However, it is the first race of the season, and the drivers are ready to get out there as you can tell by the wrecks happening tonight. The track is slick all the way across.”

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David Mielke won the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds A-Feature at Eldora Speedway’s 63rd season opener on Saturday.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_David-Mielke-WEB.jpgDavid Mielke won the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds A-Feature at Eldora Speedway’s 63rd season opener on Saturday. Jamie Wilson|For The Daily Advocate

By Jamie Wilson

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