Ohio bill aimed at quickly resolving public records disputes


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – The leader of the Ohio Senate is introducing a bill that he says would resolve public records disputes faster and cut down on expensive court battles.

Under the proposal from Senate President Keith Faber (FAY’-bur), a person denied public records could seek relief from the Ohio Court of Claims. It would first try to resolve the matter through mediation before issuing a binding decision.

Faber, a Celina (suh-LEYE’-nuh) Republican, told reporters Wednesday that’s an easier process for people who believe they’re wrongfully denied records.

Dennis Hetzel, of the Ohio Newspaper Association, says the proposal helps level the playing field for those who don’t have the means to file a lawsuit and go through a drawn-out court fight against a government body.

The state’s attorney general and auditor support the proposal.

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