Bear’s Mill invites onlookers to Timber Frame event


GREENVILLE – A demonstration of Timber Framing will take place across from Bear’s Mill on Saturday, May 7 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Adult visitors can watch as a timber framed structure is erected, and children may make wooden pegs at stations.

Assembling the timber framed structure is the culmination of classes that have taken place at Chenoweth Trails this spring, sponsored by the Light Foundation. Under the tutelage of Terry Clark, Master Carpenter and Miller at Bear’s Mill, participants have learned to hand hew, crosscut timbers, layout designs, make pegs and punch holes for timber framed structures.

Timber framing is a method of building using large timbers in post and beam formation with carefully crafted notches and holes, utilizing only wood pegs (no nails) to secure joints.

Bear’s Mill is an historic example of the sturdy structures built by hand in the 1900’s. Now 167 years old, the mill stands four stories high, constructed in the post and beam method.

Terry Clark, Master Carpenter, instructs participants in timber framing. Clark, Master Carpenter, instructs participants in timber framing.

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