Ex-cop Comedian Mike Armstrong to serve up laughs


GREENVILLE — Though he calls himself “a little fish in a big pond,” Comedian Mike Armstrong hopes to make a big splash when he appears at the Northern Miami Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross “Comedy and Caring” fundraiser in Greenville Saturday.

Armstrong, 64, has appeared on a number of nationally recognized entertainment venues, including HBO, FOX, Comedy Central, and CMT.

However, Armstrong gives much credit to the Bob and Tom radio show and the Bob and Tom Comedy Tour for making his name well known in the comedy circuit.

“I have to make the sign of the cross every time I say their names,” he said, laughing.

“Who knows what I’d be doing right now if it wasn’t for them,” he added. “I was thinking about getting out of comedy. When I started going on their show, things just kind of took off, with all these TV shows, you know? I’m still a little fish in a big pond, but at least the little fish can pay his bills.”

Much of Armstrong’s schtick derives from his days serving as a police officer. He spent 12 years wearing a badge.

“I was a goof off then, I’m still a goof off. I used to pull people over, just to see their faces as I warned them about speed traps up ahead. Used to do stuff like that all the time. Everybody knew it was me and my partner when something goofy would happen,” he said.

“On the expressway where it says ‘Authorized Vehicles Only,’ whenever people would make a U-turn, I’d pull up behind them, turn on the lights, and tell them ‘I authorize you,’ just to scare them.”

“Or follow them home and as soon as they turn in their driveway, put the lights on, then go on around them,” he added.

When asked how this was perceived by his law enforcement superiors, Armstrong, with a giggle, said, “They knew, but they couldn’t prove it.”

Armstrong’s performance is family friendly. He describes his comedy act as “PG rated. No cussing, no sex.”

“I do one liners,” he continued. “I don’t drink water, I don’t waste time. I’m like ‘Keep up!’”

“I have fun, the audience has fun. Every time I go on stage I pretend I’m in my driveway just talking to a bunch of my friends.”

Armstrong has put his comedy skills to good use for a number of charitable causes, including charities for military veterans, the families of police officers killed in the line of duty and people in need in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

“I try to help out everybody, I really do,” he said.

Now divorced, Armstrong takes pride in his five children, all grown.

“I got two sons that are in the Army, one son becoming a priest, and my daughters are nurses,” he said,”so I’m pretty blessed that they never got in trouble. They’re just good kids.”

Armstrong says he is currently dating, and his girlfriend also happens to be a former police officer.

“We’ve been dating for six months and never talk about police stuff,” he said.

To those attending the event, Armstrong says, “Just come and have a good time. Leave your cares behind. Have fun for an hour. Don’t worry about tomorrow.”

The Northern Miami Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross “Comedy and Caring” event is Saturday, May 14 at Romer’s Catering in Greenville. This is the 16th year the chapter has held the event to raise funds for its mission to serve the community.

The Red Cross provides services like the Home Fire Campaign (educating people on fire safety and installing new smoke detectors in their homes), Disaster Relief (helping people who’ve been affected by fires, floods, tornadoes, etc.), Health & Safety Training (CPR, First Aid/AED and Babysitting classes and Lifeguard training) and Military Family Support (Providing emergency communications, training, support to wounded warriors and veterans, and access to community resources).

For more information on becoming a volunteer or donating to help the mission in your community please contact: The Northern Miami Valley Ohio Chapter, 130 Martz St., Greenville, OH 45331. Phone number: 937-548-1002

Comedian Mike Armstrong will be the featured act during the American Red Cross “Comedy & Caring” benefit Saturday at Romer’s Catering in Greenville.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/34/2016/05/web1_MikeArmstrong-WEB-1.jpgComedian Mike Armstrong will be the featured act during the American Red Cross “Comedy & Caring” benefit Saturday at Romer’s Catering in Greenville. Courtesy image
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