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Upon the completion of its 2015-16 “Voices” season, Darke County Center for the Arts proudly proclaims a huge “Thank you” to all those who make possible the continued success of this voice for the arts in our community. Major donors empowering achievement of DCCA’s mission to enrich lives through the arts were recently recognized at an appreciation luncheon at The Bistro Off Broadway; DCCA is extremely grateful for the support received not only from those major donors, but also from all those who bought memberships or tickets or assisted DCCA in any way during this past year.

DCCA’s Executive Director Andrea Jordan told those assembled at The Bistro that their dedication to keeping the arts vibrant in our community rings throughout Darke County, making this a great place to live. The reciprocal nature of this relationship results in mutual benefits for all concerned. For example: DCCA’s Arts In Education program presents engaging, entertaining, and, yes, educational performances to students in each grade level of all Darke County Public Schools at no charge to the students, providing opportunity for growth through the arts to many who would otherwise not experience this exposure. And the entire community, including those generous sponsors and DCCA members whose contributions make AIE possible, reaps the rewards of the growth enabled through this program.

DCCA’s Coffeehouse Series which provides high quality artists performing in an intimate, welcoming social setting where food and drink are also served saw a record attendance this past season; the camaraderie engendered binds people together in a mysterious and hopeful way that provides strength and energy to the entire community. At $10 a pop, this uptown event with a down-home feel could not exist without funds provided by sponsors and members. Sponsorships and memberships make possible the low, low price for tickets to all DCCA performances, including the almost unbelievable $5 cost for a seat at a Family Theatre Series show, a series which seeks to introduce new audiences to the magic of live theatre.

DCCA’s “Voices” season resonated with audiences of all ages, delighting long-time supporters and attracting new patrons, as evidenced by the fact that two Artists Series shows plus a special event sold out the house at Memorial Hall. This level of success can only happen with deep and broad community involvement; the sincere support of businesses, organizations, corporations, and individuals from all walks of life empowers DCCA to offer ambitious programming that many arts presenters in much larger areas cannot attempt to provide (thus drawing audience members who travel many, many miles to visit our community and partake of its charms.) The high level of artistry offered attracts high levels of attendance, resulting in a win/win situation that can repeat itself year after year.

Andrea also reminded the luncheon attendees that Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall, the wonderful facility in which DCCA presents its Artists Series and Family Theatre Series, was beautifully renovated in 2015, thanks to state funds secured by the efforts of our legislators. These improvements, concluded just in time for the “Voices” season, were made possible by the cooperative efforts of the state of Ohio, Greenville City Schools, and local contractors and vendors, and are very much appreciated by all who enter this historic and remarkable building which holds a unique place in the heritage of all those who have lived within this community.

DCCA is grateful to the florists who provided stunning arrangements to enhance DCCA presentations, to the volunteers who ushered for DCCA performances, to the venues who provide space for Coffeehouse shows, and all those who contributed time or services to the non-profit organization. DCCA says thanks to the community it serves for the loyalty and support shown this past year; with the continued assistance of all those who appreciate the value of the arts to lives, the organization will continue to speak through and for the arts well into the future.


By Marilyn Delk

Marilyn Delk is a director of the Darke County Center for the Arts and can be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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