Modifieds, stock cars race during Eldora Speedway’s family night


ROSSBURG – Eldora Speedway had its first family night of the 2016 season with $8 admission and a fireworks display on Saturday night.

Eldora stock cars started off the night with the hot laps. During the hot laps there were eight cars in each heat and three laps a piece. After all three heats Paul Pardo was in first place with a time of 20.126, Earnie Woodard had second with 20.181, and Jordan Conover started third with a time of 20.358.

There was a wreck on lap four took the fourth heat to a red flag as the 20 car of Robbie Phlipot was smoking and the 5T car of Dwayne Treon had a flat tire which, took the race down to five cars. At the end of the race the fifth place finisher, 01X Erik Skaggs, weighed in too light on the scales and had to start from the back in the B Main race.

In the Stock Cars B Main there were 14 cars and eight laps to start this very active race. In the very beginning of the race right before turn one 01X Erik Skaggs and 36 Adam Schueff drove up on 17J Jarrod Klay. The 14 car Ronnie Bloomfield went sideways and officials brought out the red flag.

The 1OFF of Kenny Brady went into the wall on the back straight away on lap three. The 00 car of Corey Wooten trying to pass 50 of Anthony Goode and the 11 of TJ Smith got into a wreck and then the 5G of Goode running in second place got a flat tire had to go into the pit but was able to come back out after changing the tire.

In the A Main Stock drivers had to go 15 laps. During lap three 55 Brandon Archey spun out and went into the pits and the 54 car of Dan Wooten also went into pits. The 23 car of Casey Barr came to stop on the inside wall on turn three on lap eight and got out of car and the car was towed off the track. On lap 12 the 5T Dwayne Treon was down one lap when his car started smoking and was taken off.

Winning the A Main was 01 Earnie Woodard, who had not won since 2011.

In the A Main 2 Stock event it went red on lap five during a big wreck in the back.

In the Modified hot laps were four laps and consisted of nine cars and three heats. After all three heats Joel Dick started first with a time of 17.745 seconds, Evan Taylor started second with a time of 17.976, and Jeff Koz had third place with a time of 18.054 seconds.

In the Modified cars they went eight laps each. In the second heat the 7 car of Evan Taylor went up in smoke on lap five when something in the engine broke while he was in the third spot.

In the A Main of the Modified’s it was another action filled heat race. On lap four yellow cautions came out for debris. Then on lap five yellow came out when 35 Jeremy Hayes (first time at Eldora in 2016) made contact with the 34X of Andy Bible. Then the 21 car of Drew Carlson left the track on lap five. On lap 18 yellow came out with two laps to go and the race restated on a green and white checkered.

By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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