Darke County Soccer Association wraps up spring soccer


DARKE COUNTY – Darke County Soccer Association wrapped up its spring youth soccer at Greenville North Park this past weekend.

DCSA would like to thank the 230-plus participants, coaches, parents, Samantha Grim and the Greenville High School girls soccer team and also its sponsor, Harvest Moon Manor.

Harvest Moon Manor was established on October 31, 2005, as a bed and breakfast. It is widely known as a haunted Darke County property. The owners, Randy Elam, a retired insurance executive from Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and his wife, Trish, a retired nurse from Grant Hospital, moved to Greenville in 2008. The manor now focuses on their fruit farm and is looking at developing a variety of apples and ciders.

“Dave Ernst does a great job and we will continue to sponsor them” said Randy Elam, whose daughter is an avid soccer player.

Jason Snyder will fill the role of club president as of June 1. Dave Ernst will step down from this position on May 31 after holding the position for many years.

Any questions concerning DCSA youth or select can be directed to Jason Snyder at 937-423-1703 or [email protected].


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