17 boys and girls attend Greenville’s youth tennis camp


GREENVILLE – Greenville’s annual youth tennis camp saw an increase in participation this year with 17 boys and girls participating in the five-day camp.

Greenville varsity tennis coaches Dennis Kiser and Jim Koontz instructed the boys and girls, who ranged from the fourth through ninth grades. Three freshmen also helped the coaches instruct the younger players.

“I think everybody had a good time, and we learned a lot, and the weather was great,” said Kiser, Greenville’s varsity boys tennis coach.

While he’d like to see the participation grow even more, Kiser was happy to see the number of campers bounce back following a couple down years.

“It’s just nice to see the numbers come back up a little bit,” he said. “I know the last two to three years we only had like 10 or 11. I’d like to see more, more than 17, but I’ll take 17.”

During the week-long session the coaches taught the young players the fundamentals of tennis including strokes like forehands and backhands. They also worked on serves, volleys, court etiquette and keeping track of scoring. They played multiple tennis-related games and finished the week with singles and doubles matches.

“We had a really nice group,” Kiser said. “They listened well. They’re pretty good. I can’t wait for some of these kids to get up in high school.”

Kiser has led the youth camp for 26 years and said it’s been beneficial to Greenville’s high school tennis programs as many current Green Wave players learned about the game through the camp.

“I remember some of the kids that I have in high school now on that team being at this camp,” Kiser said. “It seems to work out really well. It definitely helps.”

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Victor Livesay returns a shot during Greenville’s youth tennis camp on Thursday.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Victor-Livesay-WEB.jpgVictor Livesay returns a shot during Greenville’s youth tennis camp on Thursday. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

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