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On Monday, the fourth of July members of the Vet Club came together for a cookout. When it came time to eat and all the food was conveniently spread out, everyone paused to say grace. This event called me to a deeper contemplation.

We all have a debt which we can never repay, that is the freedom we possess. Our veterans have some semblance of this debt, as did their families, friends and neighbors. Each suffered in their own way but no one has ever escaped the anguish of freedom. Yet every experience is only a shadow.

No human loss of life could ever equal the freedom that Christ won for us with His sacrificial death. That is why our religious morality has been and is the greatest strength of the United States of America. Morality has the ability to do what should be done instead of what can be done in the name of freedom. Freedom without morality will be our undoing.

Our government has taken God out our schools, which in many instances has become a child’s primary source of education. Government has weakened our morals by redefining marriage, legalizing abortion, and qualifying us for social programs easier than securing employment and working for our wages.

Some people fear gun control is next, followed by the weakening of our military, while others believe it will be the collapse of our economic system. Do we really want to wait for what comes next? Is our trust in God or government? If our financial system fails would we have moral character to fall back on?

Our Christian faith promises us eternal life. Our children and grandchildren’s eternal lives are being compromises while we numbly watch society spin out of control, telling ourselves we could never affectively fight the Establishment. In truth the longer we wait the farther we slide down the slippery slope of no return. We can always do what is within our power and there is nothing more powerful than prayer. We need to live and share our Christian teachings within our homes, to our children and within our community. We need to become pillars of our church, praying for our country to return to its Christian morals. We can change the government by the moral strength of our families and church through the perseverance which comes from resultant prayer.

Upcoming events:

Tonight, from 7- 9 p.m., “Lone Raven” will be performing at the fountain square. This is free entertainment sponsored by the Towne and Country Players. They play Celtic and traditional music. Bring your lawn chairs, invite your friends and neighbors and enjoy the evening. Moeller’s Brew Barn will be on hand with their craft beers.

This Saturday, there is a walk/run event called “Going the Distance for Young Life 5k” in town at Midmark. The race starts at 8:30 a.m. with same-day registration and packet pick-up from 7-8 a.m. The event is $20 for adults and only $5 for kids 14 and under.

The Versailles Swimming Pool will conduct public swimming lessons July 11-14 and July 18-21. Lessons are four days per week for two weeks from 10:30 – 11:15 a.m. or from 11:15 a.m. – noon. Call 526-5154 for more information or to sign up.

The Darke County Relay for Life begins at 6 p.m. July 15. Please consider supporting your friends and family that are dealing with cancer. This event is held at Heritage Park and is a nice place to get a sandwich, listen to music and socialize.

Mark your calendar for the Versailles Community Garage Sales held July 28-29. Registration forms are available at the IGA or Library.

Happy birthday to Denver Toner, Richard Coffield, Roberta Grisez, Elise Myers (5), Aiden Myers (8), Mitch Arnett, Maci Lewis, Barb Agne, Trevor Noggle, Brendon Berning, A.J. Magoto, Zachary Bartrum, Kevin Yagle, Pastor Laura Shreffler, Beth Keihl, Michelle Bradham, Mona Lou Blakeley, Jennifer Stewart, Steve Broerman, Stacy Yagle, Lori Hemmelgarn, Scott Gerling, Cynthia Vogel, Kathy Pinchot, Mark Pleiman, Tricia McConnaughey, Donna Kissinger, Sharon DeWeese, Kelly Dapore, Marilyn Monnin, Kim Custenborder, Jack Monnin, Patti Gerling, Jan Turner, Kay Sanders, Keith Rawlins, Ralph Dapore, Sharon Henry, Dan Smith, Shelley Gigandet, Stacie Dirksen and Patty Jenkinson as their birthdays approach, as well as, anniversary wishes to Kristine and Brian Happy (9), Megan and Wes Subler (9), Sandy and Tony Rose (23), Kate and Harry Bruns (39), Sheila and Ivan Christian (39), Barb and Doug Shappie (43), Shirley and Robert Magoteaux (46), Kay and Paul Dapore (51) and Merilyn and Ed Borchers (54).

Congratulations to Karen Lawrence and Phyllis Corbin who both received Lifetime Achievement Recognition from our local theater group, the Towne and Country Players.

Please give your supportive and healing prayers for the many who are dealing with any of life’s countless challenges, and especially for Jeannette Simon, Scott Bulcher, Paul Cordonnier, Georgie Kemper, Jeff Barrett, Jerry Malloy, Jack Borgerding, Jerry Paulus, Dave Flatter, Norma Raterman, Rita Glick, Noah Evans, Lois and Jim Youngker, Linda Wilson, Adam Schwieterman, Kevin McCoy, Delores Williams, Sam Yagle, Barb Goubeaux, David Zumberger, Brian Voisard, Cyril Frantz, Dan Monnin, Michelle Ullom, John Davis, Eileen Rahm, Cyril Voisard, Barb Agne, Samantha Smith, Bob Homan and all those who are sick, suffering, hospitalized or homebound.

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Jessica Back, Todd Magoto, Gary Smith, also remembering the lives Harry Dahlinghaus, Martin Waldren, Francis Shappie, Doris Hoying, Edward Schulze, Esther Bulcher, Joshua Francis, Tom Batty, Norma Purpus, Sue North, David McMaken, Ruthanna Oliver, Bill Custenborder, Paul Ahlers, Ken Schafer, Riley Brandon, Wally Pleiman, Dorthea Shappie, Tom Cordonnier, Tom Batty, Glenn Kueterman and all those not mentioned by name as the anniversary of their recently passing.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” ~John Adams

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.” ~George Washington

By Kathy Magoto

Versailles News

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