Arcanum-Butler Local School District meeting – July 14


ARCANUM – The Arcanum-Butler Local School District held its regular Board of Education Meeting Update on July 14. All members were present.

The following items were approved:

  • Minutes from the regular board meeting held June 23, 2016. (vote – all yea)
  • Agreement with Arcanum Youth Football for use of the stadium for contests for school year 2016-2017. (vote – all yea)
  • Security contract with the Village of Arcanum for security personnel on an as-needed basis for the 2016-2017 school year. (vote – all yea)
  • Purchase of the following textbooks: The Speaker’s Handbook; Chemistry – The Central Science; Principles of Food Science; and The Culinary Professional. (vote – all yea)
  • Payment of $3,100 to The Bus Shop to complete needed body work on a district bus. (vote – all yea)
  • Three-year contract with Strategic Solutions for records and requisition management services in the amount of $4,995 for the first year and $5,995 annually for the remainder of the contract. (vote – all yea)
  • Policies – AFCA (Also GCNA) Evaluation of School Counselors; EHA Data and Records Retention; IGBA and IGBA-R Programs for Students with Disabilities; IGCH-R (Also LEC-R) College Credit Plus; and JHCB Immunizations. (vote – all yea)
  • Contract with the Village of Arcanum to provide a uniformed police officer to be a full-time SRO during the 2016-2017 school year. (vote – all yea)
  • Superintendent’s salary schedule. (vote – all yea)
  • Three-year contract beginning August 1, 2017, for Superintendent John Stephens. (vote – all yea)  One year contract with Christen Cyphers to teach HS language arts for the 2016-2017 school year. (vote – all yea)

Items discussed:

  • Treasurer’s Report

Keith Furlong inquired about the status of the land lab in the public participation portion of the meeting.

The following items were discussed in the Superintendent’s report:

  • Vision, Continuous Improvement and Focus of District Work
  • The preliminary test scores are in. The final scores will typically change somewhat and we still need verification on the cut score percentages for passing.
  • The District Leadership Team will meet on August 9 to review the current district Continuous Improvement Plan and update the action plans for the 2016-2017 school year. Board members are invited to attend and participate.
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • The Arcanum Alumni Association will be seeking sponsorship for the cost of the Wall of Fame board to honor Distinguished Alumni and Honorary Hall of Fame inductees. The board will match the Athletic Hall of Fame board.
  • Policies and Governance
  • Annual Report regarding district’s compliance with food standards: The district continues to meet food standards compliance (Board Policy EFF and EFF-R). Additionally, the cafeteria is planning on adding the salad bar back to the choice of options.  Instruction
  • The Darke County ESC is once again hosting training for special education aides that will focus on reviewing special education guidelines and provide engaging activities for understanding disability awareness, family and school partnerships, delineating roles, respecting confidentiality and effective problem solving.
  • Mr. Bixler and Mr. Baker have scheduled an initial professional development opportunity related to the 1:1 pilot. The focus will be on transitioning to the use of Google and Schoology.
  • Resources
  • Construction Update: 100 percent of the roof panels are installed. Roofers continue to complete downspouts and various flashing details. The flat roof over the entrance will soon be completed. The masons have finished the front of the building and will move to the back mechanical yard and maintenance entrance. Other details such as soffits, front entrance painting, and painting of the downspout boots still remains to be completed.
  • The gym floors received the annual resurfacing and look great! I appreciate Mr. Sprada scheduling the completion of the work.
  • Concessions Update: I have a rough estimate for the construction of the building. The cost does not include siding (metal or block), plumbing, electric, etc.
  • Paving Update: I will be getting quotes for the cost to seal cracks and restripe.

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