Angel Run 5K more than 400 runners, walkers to North Star


NORTH STAR – More than 400 runners and walkers participated in the 19th annual Angel Run 5K on Sunday morning in North Star.

The race, which is held during the Fireman’s & American Legion Picnic in North Star, began in 1998 to remember Lynn Ann Topp, who went on a morning jog on Feb. 21, 1998, and never returned home. She was found murdered several weeks later, and the run now honors her legacy and all lost loved ones.

The event raises proceeds for a $750 Angel Run scholarship plus the North Star Fire Department and the North Star American Legion.

Jon Wenning won this year’s race in a time of 18:02.4, Jessica Albers finished second in 18:09.1, Chad Topp finished third in 18:24, Ethan Hoening finished fourth in 18:25.1, and Jesse Fuller finished fifth in 18:30.1.

Ian Rindler won the boys 10 and younger division with a time of 27:25.5, Damian Bruns finished second in 28:06.4, and David Kremer finished third in 28:29.5.

Rachel Kuether won the girls 10 and younger division in 25:37.3, Gabriella Leeper finished second in 31:28.4, and Eden Barga finished third in 32:01.9.

Tyler Davis won the boys 11-14 division in a time of 21:14.8, Xavier Grilliot finished second in 21:31.9, and Jared Schmitmeyer finished third in 22:06.

Mackenzie Bohman won the girls 11-14 division with a time of 23:52.2, Anna Brewer finished second in 24:55.5, and Lauren Menke finished third in 26:34.4.

Jesse Fuller won the boys 15-18 division in 18:30.1, Zane Barhorst finished second in 19:26.9, and Jon Albers finished third in 19:50.2.

Tori Schulze won the girls 15-18 division with a time of 23:29.4, Cassie Pohlman finished second in 24:28.9, and Lydia Wood finished third in 24:48.2.

Jon Wenning won the men’s 19-24 division in a time of 18:02.4, Ethan Hoening finished second in 18:25.1, and Alex Grieshop finished third in 19:28.5.

Jessica Albers won the women’s 19-24 division in a time of 18:09.1, Cassie Jutte finished second in 22:38, and Katlin Robinson finished third in 23:43.3.

Andrew Barlage won the men’s 25-29 division in 42:03.1.

Brianne Schulze won the women’s 25-29 division in a time of 28:19, Ashley Wente finished second in 28:25.1, and Regina Schulze finished third in 28:26.2.

Chad Topp won the men’s 30-34 division with a time of 18:24, Brooks Topp finished second in 19:43.8, and Michael Costlow finished third in 20:53.1.

Rebecca Steinbrunner won the women’s 30-34 division in 27:23.7, Emily Hibbitts finished second in 28:06.5, and Rochelle Barga finished third in 28:41.9.

Dean Oakley won the men’s 35-39 division in a time of 19:14.4, Craig Topp finished second in 21:00.8, and Bruce Burns finished third in 21:07.8.

Jennifer Warner won the women’s 35-39 division with a time of 23:17.7, Jennifer Billenstein finished second in 27:18.2, and Lisa Topp finished third in 28:01.7.

Kyle Minnich won the men’s 40-44 division in 18:44.8, Fred Schmiedebusch finished second in 19:04.9, and Valentin Lopez finished third in 21:56.5.

Yvonne Burns won the women’s 40-44 division in a time of 25:20.5, Kitty Davis finished second in 25:25.2, and Michelle Koverman finished third in 26:30.7.

Mike Thomas won the men’s 45-49 division with a time of 19:17.8, Jeff Goubeaux finished second in 21:31.4, and Tony Direrto finished third in 22:11.2.

Brenda Robinson won the women’s 45-49 division in 23:42.3, Jill Nagel finished second in 25:01, and Vicky Centers finished third in 29:15.5.

Bill Haber won the men’s 50-54 division in a time of 21:39.8, Doug Jutte finished second in 22:33.5, and Dennis Eckstein finished third in 22:45.9.

Lori Langenkamp won the women’s 50-54 division with a time of 24:29.5, Shelly Haber finished second in 24:45.6, and Danesa Borgerding finished third in 28:31.4.

Bill Marker won the men’s 55-59 division in 28:09.7, Greg Barga finished second in 28:31.3, and Martin Borgerding finished third in 30:51.8.

Sandy Hoening won the women’s 55-59 division in a time of 23:46.6, Connie Harshbarger finished second in 26:37.8, and Gloria Burns finished third in 28:16.2.

Richard Barton won the men’s 60-64 division with a time of 22:40.7, Larry Topp finished second in 26:17.5, and David Holtvoigt finished third in 27:39.1.

Sandy Dieringer won the women’s 60-64 division in 26:05.3, Mary Siegrist finished second in 26:32.8, and Arlene Luttmer finished third in 31:40.1.

Randy Bashore won the men’s 65-69 division in a time of 25:30.7, Ron Griffitts finished second in 26:36.4, and Patrick Barga finished third in 35:13.1.

Rebecca Shumaker won the women’s 65-69 division with a time of 33:24.7, Brenda Nickol finished second in 37:53.8, and Jane Ellen Obringer finished third in 44:16.8.

Harry Brown won the men’s 70 and older division in 37:20.3, Lee Emrick finished second in 41:46.9, and John Grant finished third in 44:32.8.

Joan Hiestand won the women’s 70 and older division with a time of 54:30.6, and Phyllis Buckingham finished second in 1:07:04.9.

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Margie Treon and Jenny Stammen cross the finish line during the Angel Run 5K Sunday morning in North Star. Treon and Jenny Stammen cross the finish line during the Angel Run 5K Sunday morning in North Star. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

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