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DARKE COUNTY — For almost 16 years, he’s driven 90 miles a day, five days a week, to get to and from work.

Starting next week, however, Jeff Marshall’s drive to work will be significantly shorter.

Darke County’s Community Development/Grants Coordinator, Marshall is leaving to take a position with the City of Dayton’s Finance Department. His last day on the job in Greenville is July 22.

Marshall was first hired by the county in September 2000, and says his job duties have changed somewhat over the years.

“I was hired in as special projects manager as the county was purchasing the Wagner Avenue facility and looking at various renovations at county offices to occupy,” he explained, “and that was something I took part in under the commissioners’ umbrella.”

Marshall says his job transitioned into its current form as the county took over a number of sanitary sewer projects from the Health Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, and he was able to adjust to wearing multiple hats.

“The county did not have anything established. [My position] was created and just developed from there,” he said.

“[This job] changes every day,” he explained. “Nothing’s been the same. When it comes to federal or state grants, you have to adapt and roll with the punches.”

Though Marshall already lives in Dayton and his new job will be much closer to home, he is proud of his Darke County roots. He was born and raised in Union City, Ohio, graduating from Mississinawa Valley High School in 1986. Many members of his extended family still reside in the area.

“My parents still live in Union City,” he said. “My sister is a longtime teacher at the Arcanum school, I have friends and family all up here, so I’m never going to be far, especially when the fair comes up once a year. I have ties here and I always will have ties.”

Marshall said after first getting the job in Darke County, he felt like he had “won the lottery.”

“Because I wanted to make a difference with what I could do, helping people, working with people. Working with the community’s been fun,” he said.

While excited about his new position, he admits the move will be an adjustment.

“It hasn’t hit me yet, but eventually it will,” Marshall said. “It’s hard to walk away from 16 years of employment.”

Though working for the Darke County government, Marshall admits he is not a fan of politics, an irony he freely admits.

“I loathe politics,” he said. “When I was in banking, I couldn’t stand the politics of banking, and then I got into county government, but it’s not about the politics, it’s about getting the job done.”

Looking back, Marshall said he is thankful for his time here, and added, “My personal feeling is, it’s not what I bring into a job, and it’s not what I take with me, it’s what I have when I’m here. Because the relationships, the experience, you forge with your fellow employees, the communities, the citizens, is the gem that you hold.”

After nearly 16 years working for Darke County, Jeff Marshall is moving on to a new position with the City of Dayton. nearly 16 years working for Darke County, Jeff Marshall is moving on to a new position with the City of Dayton. Erik Martin | The Daily Advocate

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