DNC 2016: Sanders supporter on backing Clinton: ‘I’m still not there yet.’


Tara Mosley-Samples, a member of City Council in Akron, Ohio, wants to believe Hillary Clinton, but she’s not convinced she can.

Samples, a delegate pledged to Bernie Sanders, said the Vermont senator is doing his best to persuade his supporters to vote for Clinton in order to deny Republican Donald Trump the presidency.

“I’m not there yet,” Mosley-Samples said at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. “But I’m not saying I won’t be there by November.”

Samples did say she could not vote for Trump.

“I won’t vote for Satan,” she said.

Mosley-Samples said she wants the following issues to be part of the Clinton campaign: bringing jobs back to the U.S., raising the minimum wage, providing free college, and going after Wall Street greed.

“I want to see her be sincere about these issues,” Mosley-Samples said.


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