Ohio Sanders supporter says more time needed


CINCINNATI — A leading Bernie Sanders supporter in Ohio said Tuesday people are still emotional and frustrated over the outcome of the Democratic presidential nomination race.

Former state Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland said some Sanders backers also want to see if promises being made to Sanders will be kept. She appeared Tuesday on MSNBC-TV’s coverage of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

“Senator Sanders has awakened the sleeping giant and when you talk about revolution, baby, this is revolution,” Turner said.

Not all Sanders delegates have appeared ready to embrace Hillary Clinton as their nominee, despite his appeal Monday night that they do so. There were jeers and boos to pro-Clinton speeches Monday night and continued anti-Clinton signs Tuesday.

Turner said Sanders supporters are still working through their disappointment. She also noted that the newly leaked Democratic National Committee emails have added to frustration for those who felt the party hierarchy impeded the Vermont senator.

“People are emotional,” she said, saying she saw grown men crying on the convention floor.

A Clinton delegate from Cincinnati said Sanders’ “resounding endorsement” should help bring the party together.

“We are united by a shared vision of an economic future that works for everyone — not just those at the top — so I am confident Clinton and Sanders supporters will unite and work to stop Donald Trump, who is simply too divisive and dangerous for us to be distracted by small differences,” councilman Chris Seelbach said by email.

Meanwhile, Ohioans such as Jocelyn Bucaro were buzzing about what they considered a powerful speech by First Lady Michelle Obama. Bucaro, a Clinton-supporting superdelegate from Butler County, said it was a reminder for “every mother tucking their children into bed” about the impact this election will have on them.

By Dan Sewell

Associated Press

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