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GREENVILLE — Though it will be closed temporarily, Doug’s Arcade in downtown Greenville will return and the owner trusts, in its new form, the experience will be much better than before.

Currently at 606 South Broadway, Doug’s Arcade, which features “old school” amusements such as pinball, classic video games, and skeeball, will be moving to its new location at 402 South Broadway, formerly the site of California Waterbeds Factory Outlet, and more recently, the First Heavy Metal Church of Christ.

Doug Barger, the “Doug” in “Doug’s Arcade,” says the last day for the arcade’s current location will be Wednesday, Aug. 17. It will reopen at its new location Sunday, Aug. 28, following the end of the Great Darke County Fair.

Barger says the arcade’s winter hours this year will be much more expanded than they were last year. Current operating hours are 1-7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 1-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 1-6 p.m. Sunday.

One difference between Doug’s Arcade and arcades from “back in the day,” is that customers pay a flat fee for a time period, as opposed to popping quarters or tokens into individual machines.

Among the improvements customers will see at the new location is new decor, such as black lighting, and a virtual reality, or “VR,” room.

“There’s going to be 24 black lights, and I’ve got black light posters coming, so it will look really cool in here, kind of a 60s retro thing,” Barger said.

Regarding the virtual reality room, he said, “If you’re familiar with Star Trek, and familiar with the Holodeck, it’s just like it, except not solid. I’m telling you, it’s smooth. Right now I’ve got 23 different games you can play.”

Players will pay an additional fee to use the virtual reality room.

As well, Doug’s Arcade will begin offering cotton candy, in addition to its regular fare of popcorn and candy bars.

Further, Barger says the next-door neighbor, the Merchant House, is in discussion to plan some events together. Other planned events include a “cosplay” gathering and a Halloween night coinciding with the city’s Beggar Night, in which the arcade will stay open until Midnight.

Since opening last fall, Barger says the community has been very supportive of the venture, and hopes the new location will continue to provide fun for those who enjoy old-school games.

“I’ve got a few people that are just crazy about the arcade, and come at least once or twice a week. One guy comes like three times a week,” he said. “There’s something for everybody.”

“My goal is not to just have a static arcade here, it’s to also involve the community in some fun,” he added.

Doug Barger, owner of Doug’s Arcade, prepares for the arcade’s move to 402 South Broadway. The arcade will reopen in its new location August 28. Barger, owner of Doug’s Arcade, prepares for the arcade’s move to 402 South Broadway. The arcade will reopen in its new location August 28. Erik Martin | The Daily Advocate
Will reopen Aug. 28

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