K9s help clean up drug problems in Union City, Ohio/Indiana


UNION CITY, Ohio — The Union City, Ohio, Police Department has a K9 officer working part-time for the village.

That officer is Jeff Turner.

“We just got a canine part-time through Jeff, who used to be with a full-time department in another county,” said Police Chief Mark Ater. “He owns K9 Solutions and donates his car and dog. We have no cost in it at all.”

K9 Solutions Center, located near Dayton in New Carlisle, offers the absolute highest quality police dog training.

“Our training division is comprised of police officers who work the street daily, and are familiar with the needs of practical real life training required,” said Turner. “K9 Solutions Center specializes in providing the most effective and reliable drug detection and patrol dogs available. Selection, training and certification standards for our detector dogs are uncompromising.”

The website went on, “At K9 Solutions Center, we provide only the finest quality training and care for our dogs and handlers; an intimate, controlled environment for our training and handling activities; and is owned and staffed by active law enforcement personnel with many combined years of experience.”

Turner said he has been a police officer since 1997 and a canine officer since 1999.

He reported that Union City, Ohio, Police Department does some training with the Union City, Indiana, Police Department, and have been working together on some drug-related cases.

“I’m a regular patrol officer with a drug dog,” Turner said. “We respond on drug issues. I also do some patrol stuff but mainly targeted enforcement in problem areas. The chief will tell us about a complaint.”

Turner brings with him his K9, Attica, while Union City, Indiana, Officer Logan Shoemaker has a K9 dog, Roki, also trained by K9 Solutions. Both dogs are Malinois Belgians.

“Both departments train together,” Turner said. “They may use the Ohio side dog and we may use the Indiana side dog. We have a great working relationship together. The dogs are a great tool. As far as cleaning things [drugs] up, it is a revolving door. The drug problem will always be present.”

Those wanting more information on K9 Solutions may call 937-771-1476.



By Linda Moody

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