iBook promotes Ohio’s role in presidential elections


COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced the launch of an all-new Apple iBook that features the Buckeye State’s ongoing role in national politics as a tool to educate and engage young people in American Democracy.

The iBook, available through the Apple Store at no cost, is titled “Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency.” The book features five chapters including detailed biographical information on the eight former U.S. Presidents to have called Ohio home and information on why Ohio is so important in the race to the White House.

“It’s important that we have an engaged and educated electorate, especially in Ohio where the hopes of presidential candidates rise and fall,” Secretary Husted said. “We want people to register, we want people to be involved and we want people to vote. This is a new and innovative way we can approach our young people and lay the groundwork for civic engagement among Ohio’s future decision-makers.”

Chapters of Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency include:

Chapter 1: A Look Back includes biographical information about the eight Ohioans to have ascended to the nation’s highest office, making the Buckeye State known as “The Mother of Presidents.”

Chapter 2: Electing a President teaches the reader about the Electoral College and includes an interactive map to display historical Ohio election results and how those results drove the outcome of national elections. This chapter also displays information on how eligible Ohioans can participate in Ohio elections.

Chapter 3: Ohio Demographics/Overview gives the reader the opportunity to learn more about the makeup of Ohio so they can better understand how the Bellwether State is composed.

Chapter 4: 2016 Presidential Election will eventually display information about all Major and Minor Political Parties, independent and write-in candidates who are on the ballot in Ohio as presidential candidates. Information will include personal and professional background information about the candidates. This update will be added after the form of the 2016 General Election ballot is certified by the Secretary of State.

Chapter 5: Election night Live Feed will display a live election result feed on November 8th where users can track election results as they become available to officials.

Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency includes several quizzes so the reader can test how much they’ve learned after each chapter.

Secretary Husted was joined at the launch of Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency by Todd Kleismit of the Ohio History Connection. The group provided historical documents that are now viewable in the iBook as well as assisted with gathering and fact-checking information on Ohio’s eight presidents.

“We are so pleased that Secretary Husted asked the Ohio History Connection to partner with his office on Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency iBook,” said Todd Kleismit, director of community and government relations for the Ohio History Connection. “The educational components are excellent and I am confident that Ohio students will enjoy using the iBook as they learn more about Ohio history, voting and why being an informed and engaged citizen is so important.”

The iBook was authored at no cost to the taxpayer through a partnership between Secretary of State staff and Jason LaMar of Columbus State Community College. LaMar is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and designed the iBook. The Apple Distinguished Educator program works to make a positive impact on education and learning around the world through the use of technology.

The Secretary of State’s office will work with schools and educators throughout Ohio this fall to implement the use of Ohio: Pathway to the Presidency in curriculum as a tool to present the state and nation’s history in a fun and interactive manner.

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