Independent presidential candidates qualify for ballot


COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced the qualifying independent candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. The deadline to file an independent presidential candidacy was August 10, the 90th day before the General Election.

The Ohio Revised Code requires boards of elections to certify the validity of signatures gathered within their county by August 22 (78th day before the General Election). The Secretary of State is required to do so on a statewide scale by August 30 (70th day before the General Election).

The following candidates, and running mates, filed to run as independent candidates in this fall’s Presidential General Election:

  • Darrell L. Castle (Scott N. Bradley) – 3,018 signatures validated
  • Richard Duncan (Ricky Johnson) – 9,637 signatures validated and certified
  • Charles R. Earl (Kenneth C. Moellman, Jr.) – 7,619 signatures validated and certified
  • Michael Steinberg (“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente) – 2,992 signatures validated and certified

*Pursuant to the nominating committee’s August 15 request, Charles R. Earl will be replaced with Gary Johnson.

**Pursuant to the nominating committee’s August 15 request, Kenneth C. Moellman, Jr. will be replaced with William Weld.

Independent candidates for President are required to submit at least 5,000 valid signatures from qualified Ohio electors in order to qualify for placement on the November ballot.

Secretary Husted announced the candidacies of Ohio’s recognized Major and Minor Political Parties’ nominees – the Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Republican Party on August 10, 2016. More information on that announcement can be found by clicking here.

The final opportunity to declare candidacy for President and Vice President in Ohio is as a write-in candidate. The deadline to file as joint write-in candidates is August 29.

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