Eldora Speedway hosts Baltes Classic


ROSSBURG – Eldora Speedway hosted its Baltes Classic on Sunday night with Kent Robinson, Brian Ruhlman and Earnie Woodard taking home victories.

Eldora’s family day was canceled in July due to the weather so the track had the Baltes race plus fireworks afterwards. Eldora ran the UMP modified, the Sunoco American Late Models and the Eldora stock.

For the Sunoco American Late Models heat one, which was eight laps, taking first was the 16D of Travis Dickson, second was the 11 of Josh Rice, third was the F5-Garrett Alberson, fourth was 3of Matt Miller and the fifth was the 21H of Robby Hensley.

In heat two taking the black and white checkered was the 7R of Kent Robinson, in second was the 33of Jessie Lay, in third was the 5N of Dustin Nobbe, in fourth was the 9Rof Curtis Roberts, and rounding out the top five was the 11RS of Rusty Schlenk.

Heat three saw 2NH of Nick Hoffman in first followed by28M of Jimmy Mars then in third was the 7W of Ricky Weiss, in fourth was 1G of Devin Gilpin, and rounding out the top five was the 31of Nick Latham.

The 20Cof Duane Chamberlain won heat four followed by 21 of Billy Moyer, the 15J of Scott James, the 49 of Brian Ruhlman and in fifth the 88 of Andrew Reaume.

In the B Feature 1, which was 12 laps, was the 25of Tim Lance, the 21H of Robby Hensley, the 31AUS of Paul Stubber, in fourth was the 9N of Ted Nobbe, and rounding out the top fifth was the 97 of Brent Miller.

For the B Feature 2, which was also 12 laps, was the 31 of Nick Latham, the. 88 of Andrew Reaume, the the 71 of Hudson O’neal, in fourth were the 8V of Craig Vosbergen and in fifth was the 4G of Kody Evans.

The A Feature, which was 25 laps, saw the winner as 7R of Kent Robinson, in second was the 21of Billy Moyer, in third was the 20Cof Duane Chamberlain, in fourth was the 28M of Jimmy Mars, and rounding out the top five was the 2NH of Nick Hoffman.

Robinson fought a soft break problem and had to fend off Moye,r who is the winner of the World 100 six times, and also Chamberlain. Moyer and Chamberlain put the pressure on Robinson and did not make this an easy win.

Robinson passed for the lead on lap 14, but Moyer, who started fourth, was pushing forward to the front fast. Mars came up to battle for the lead for a while until a caution came out on lap 22 for debris.

With only two laps left Robinson, Moyer and Chamberlain were three wide for the lead position. In the end, however, it was Robinson who took the black and white for the $3,000.

In the A feature Rusty Schlenk used Jesse Playter’s 9 car as he wrecked his in the B feature and flipped wildly taking turn one.

In the Dirtcar UMP Modified the cars ran six heats that were each laps each. In heat one was 16Dof Travis Dickson followed by the 18 of Ryan Sutter, in third was 33 of Mike Gemmer, the fourth place was the 116 of Jimmie Haager and in fifth was the 75of Gary Dunaway.

Heat two saw 7of Evan Taylor, the 31 of Jeff Suber, the 97 of Shawn Brown, the 34X of Andy Bibler and the 8L of Jimmy Lennex Jr. in the top five.

Heat three saw the 5 of Jonathan Taylor win, the 49 of Brian Ruhlman in second followed by the 71of Blake Spalding, the 22Tof Tony Anderson in fourth and in fifth was the 1of Scott Williams.

The 09D of Joel Dick16 won heat four, in second was Jeff Koz in the 16, the M1Gof Matt Twinning was third, fourth was 13 of Andy Galgoci and in fifth was the 45P of Brian Post.

Heat five was the 188 of Aaron Orr, in second was D1of Lance Dehm, the17Rof Brandon Ramsey was in third, in fourth was111of Curt Spalding, and rounding out the top five was the 0 of Mark Dickson.

The 101 of Jesse Wisecarver, 4L of Mike Learman, 68 of Adam Stricker, the 36 of Brandon Vaughan and the 555 of Justin Coulter took the top five spots in heat six.

Next Eldora ran three heats of the B Feature, which also were eight laps. In B Feature 1 was 34X of Andy Bibler then the 19 of Rick Corbin followed by the 116 of Jimmie Haager, in fourth was the 17 of Nick Rosselit, and rounding out the top five was the 75 of Gary Dunaway.

Feature Heat 2 was 22T of Tony Anderson taking first then in second was the 13 of Andy Galgoci, taking third place was the 4, taking third place was the 45P of Brian Post, in fourth was the 52 of Weasel Phlipot, and rounding out the top five was the 225 of Jesse Bitterling.

B Feature Heat 3 had the 111 of Curt Spalding with the victory then 36 of Brandon Vaughan, in third was 20M of Josh Morton, in fourth was the 10H of Brad Hess, and rounding out the top five was the 0 of Mark Dickson.

The 49 of Brian Ruhlman took first followed in second by the 101 of Jesse Wisecarver, the 09D of Joel Dick in third, fourth was the 5 of Jonathan Taylor and taking the fifth spot was the 7 of Evan Taylor for the A Feature, which was 20 laps.

These drivers raced three and four wide all night long. Taylor took the lead on lap nine for a slide-pass job just barely taking first. He led for a while until he ran into problems with mechinical issues, which allowed Ruhlam and Wisecarver to pass him three wide for the lead. Ruhlman went to the bottom allowing him just enough time to take the win at the flag.

Eldora stock cars ran four heat laps, which were eight laps each. In heat one was 71C of Barney Craig taking first, in second was the 5G of Anthony Goode, third was the 94 of David Daughtery, taking fourth was the 2R of Chad Rockefeller and in fifth was the 82 of Chris Douglas.

The 410 of Paul Pardo finished first followed by 7 of Jordan Conover, third was the 8 of Gary Rahe Jr, the 47 of John Leach took fourth and in fifth was the 19 of Wayne Williams for heat two.

In heat three was 27 of Frank Paladino, second was the 44F of Josh Frye, in third was the 55 of Brandon Archey, fourth was the 54 of Dan Wooten and in fifth spot was the 1W of Mark Wooten.

The 69 of Rob Trent was followed by the 01 of Earnie Woodard in heat four, in third was the 17H of Red Harvey Jr, the 67W of Andy Welch was fourth and the fifth place was the 11 of T.J Smith.

The B Feature was next, which was eight laps. The 82 of Chris Douglas took first, second was the 91 of Ed Hounshell, the 99J of Donnie Jeschke was third, fourth was the 11 of T.J Smith, and rounding out the top five was the 1W of Mark Wooten.

The 01 of Earnie Woodard was followed by the 69 of Rob Trent, in third was the 410 of Paul Pardo, fourth was 44F of Josh Frye and in fifth was the 7 of Jordan Conover for the A feature, which was 15 laps.

Woodard raced side by side with Trent for the lead until a caution on lap 13. Woodard passed Trent for the win after the restart.

Eldora’s next action is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the World 100 race.


By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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