New Madison News: Sausage barn at fair again


The community is well aware of the Kiwanis Club’s support of many worthy projects in our home area. The proceeds from the club’s sausage barn is front and center to providing those funds. This year they were stationed in the familiar location near the Grandstand.

Kenny Baker issued this statement: “The Kiwanis Club wishes to thank all of the loyal patrons for their devoted business during the fair. We also are very grateful for the 58 community members that volunteered their time to help us fill the 144 work slots in our schedule.”

Despite the rain during the fair, the club reports profits were down only slightly. Interesting figures include 2205 pound of sausage, 129 pounds of hot dogs, 241 dozen of eggs, 137 pounds of cheese and six gallons of horseradish! Kenny reported all unused perishable food supplies are donated to the Darke County Home.

Be sure and mark the 10th for the beef pot pie supper at the Methodist Church on Main Street. It is a free-will offering and serving begins at 4:30 p.m.

By Shirley Dubbs

New Madison News

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