Eldora Speedway begins World 100


ROSSBURG – The World 100 kicked off Thursday night for the first out of three nights of racing at Eldora Speedway.

The start of this race did not start off easily, though, as there was a three hour rain delay. The place was jam packed and everyone was ready to get to racing with 10 heat races 10 laps each to get things started.

Heat one saw 32 of Chris Simpson in first followed by the 91 of Tyler Erb, and the 21 of Billy Moyer rounded out the top three spots.

In heat two in first was 1 of Josh Richards, in second was 1V of Vic Hill and in third was the 18x of Michael Page.

The 71C of RJ Conley took first while second went to the 71H of Hudson O’Neal and rounding out the top three was the D8 of Dustin Linville for heat three.

Heat four saw the 1P of Earl Pearson Jr. taking the black and white flag, in second was the 99JR of Frank Heckenast Jr. and rounding out the three top was the 39 of Tim McCreadie.

For heat five in first was the 7W of Ricky Weiss, in second was the 50 of Shanon Buckingham and in third was the C9 of Steve Casebolt.

Billy Moyer Jr. with the 21JR took first, second was Jimmy Mars with the 28M and in third was Casey Roberts with the 101 for heat six.

The 25C of Shane Clanton was followed by the 3 of Matt Miller and the 40B of Kyle Bronson in heat seven.

In heat eight was the 240 of Doug Drown, the 5 of Don O’Neal and the 6 of Jonathan Davenport.

Heat nine saw the 18 of Shannon Babb, the 28 of Dennis Erb Jr. and the 1H of Jason Hiett in the top three spots.

The last heat race had the 44M of Chris Madden taking the black and white flag followed by the 1m of Mike Mataragas and then the 51 of Joey Moriaty.

Next Eldora took the even cars and the odd cars and split them up to race the B Features for two races each, four total, with 12 laps each.

In the evens for B Feature 1 taking the black and white checkered was the 48L of Tim Lance, in second was the 4BG of Bob Gardner and rounding out the top three was the 1G of Devin Gilpin.

B Feature 2 was the 17D of Zack Dohm taking the win followed by the 4 of Cody Mahoney, and the third spot went to 6m of Wendell Wallace.

In the odds for B Feature 1 was Mike Norris with the 72 car in first place, second was Nick Hoffman with 2NH and in third was Kent Robinson with the 7R.

B Feature 2 saw 11 of Josh Rice win, second was 88 of Andrew Reaume and third was the 15H of Jon Henry.

Next Eldora kept the cars separate and did a twin 25 Feature for 25 laps each.

Taking the black and white checkered for the evens was Don O’Neal in the 5 car, second was Jonathan Davenport with the 6 car, and third was Josh Richards with the 1 car. It was O’Neal’s first win since January. The race went without any cautions and O’Neal had a decent lead the whole race. O”Neal got $10,000 for his victory.

The 3 of Matt Miller took first in the odds feature, second went to the 18 of Shannon Babb, and the third spot went to the 28 of Dennis Erb Jr. Miller had a fight to keep the lead especially in the last lap while Babb challenged him and came very close to passing him at the end. The first yellow was Josh Rice’s spin out during lap one, which forced a new restart. The second and last yellow was on lap three when Rice, Nick Hoffman and Joey Coulter got into each other on turn two. Miller got $10,000 for his victory.

The next Eldora action is Friday and Saturday night this weekend. Tickets for Friday night start at $24 and Saturday night start at $40.


By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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