Fall training classes for area dog club


GREENVILLE — The Greenville Area Dog Club Fall obedience, and conformation classes begins Tuesday, Sept. 13. Through the years more classes have been added to meet the growing interest in dog training and many people like the variety of classes available.

The Greenville Area Dog Club will be offering classes at the former U.S. Chemical building, located in the 400 block of State Route 49.

Conformation Class will be offered by request. This class is for the pure breed owner who wishes to begin training their dog to perform in the breed show ring. Please contact 548-0338 for more information.

Obedience classes begin Sept. 13 and will include, Puppy (12 weeks to five months) and Beginner Obedience. For those who have completed the beginner class and wish to continue on with their training, Novice & Advanced Rally Obedience class will be offered this 8 weeks. An Advanced Obedience class will be offered.

“Our puppy and beginning obedience classes are designed to teach basic house manners, grooming and care of the dog, heeling, sit, down, stay, come and other commands,” said Barb Rhoades, Director of Obedience Training.

She also added that a new class will be offered to those who have completed beginner or have some past training in classes and want to continue with training. The novice and Advanced Rally Classes is for students who want to try something new in obedience and challenge themselves and their dog. The requirement for Rally Novice and Advanced obedience class is that the dog and handler be able to execute all the basic obedience commands without much difficulty.

The goal of the Rally class is to introduce students to a new form of Obedience which involves walking a course with your dog and performing the exercises as illustrated on numbered signs along the path of the course. This class also preps the team of dog and handler to work towards a Novice title in AKC Rally if interested.

The classes are designed to be building blocks in obedience. We start with puppy and continue to build upon that training through each of the later classes. However, if you missed the puppy class when your dog was a baby, you can still get great results with the dog starting with our Beginner classes.

You must preregister with Barb 548-0338 or Becky 337-0292 for all classes.

Registration for obedience classes is from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. Sept. 13 with orientation and classes to follow registration.

Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations, and participants must bring a copy of the dog’s vaccination records to registration. Puppies must have had their first two sets of vaccinations to enroll in puppy class. Veterinarians need to certify all vaccinations given at home or by a breeder.

For information about obedience classes, and to register your intent to attend, please call 937-548-0338 or 937-337-0292.

Agility Classes

Janice Rex, Director of agility is also announcing that dog agility classes will be offered on Thursday evenings. The classes offered include Introduction to Agility, Beginners, Advanced Agility. All agility classes will begin Sept 15.

Pre-registration is required for agility classes. To pre-register, call 937-692-5310.

Those participating in Greenville Area Dog Club classes are reminded that parking is available both in front of the building as well as near the rear entrance. The entrance for dog classes is located on the north side of the building, near the rear. Those bringing dogs to class are reminded to feed the dogs earlier in the day, rather than before class. Most classes use dog treats as training aids. Participants are reminded to bring small, bite-sized soft treats that can be used for rewarding their dogs.

All dogs must be leashed when entering the building. Participants also are reminded to wear comfortable, tie-on shoes.

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