Darke GOP party affirms support for Trump/Pence


DARKE COUNTY — On September 6, the Darke County Republican Party announced its full support for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

“We have watched, with growing dismay and concern, as many of our top Party leaders have abandoned the Trump ticket. For us, this divide in the party can seemingly only lead to negative consequences. We want to reaffirm our support and unity behind Donald Trump as he works to rebuild our country,” said Keith Threewits, chairman of the Darke County Republican Executive Committee.

This announcement comes in the wake of news that many top Republicans around the nation have signed a letter to the Republican National Committee urging them to pull out of the Trump campaign.

“The Darke County Republicans have always worked to support our candidates from the top of the ticket to the very bottom. This election is no different. We believe that Donald Trump carries the conservative values and traditions that our party is built on, and we will continue to advocate and support him in our region. The media has painted a wrongful illusion of divide and contention, but the truth is that the local Republican parties are in full support of this ticket,” continued Threewits. “We are working with the Trump campaign and are actively engaged in educating the people of Darke County on his common sense platform. We need every vote here in this state, and if our top leaders refuse to carry the torch, then we will.”

In March, Darke County held a majority for Trump in the Republican primary. The Darke County Republican Party was formed as a chapter of the Ohio Republican Party, and promotes the values set forth by the Constitution. The Darke County Republican Party urges all citizens in Ohio to support the Trump/Pence ticket in November.

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