BRADFORD — Bradford Public Library now has a usable website for ConsumerReports.org. Each computer at Bradford Public Library has an icon on the desktop for Consumer Reports. This website has information on hundreds of items that have been tried and rated by experts in each field.

“You will love the ability on buying advice, expert product ratings, product recommendations and user reviews. This is a wonderful resource to use when purchasing or just trying out products,” said Library Director Cherie Roth

These are just a few of the areas that are covered: Cars, Computers, TV’s, Dietary Supplements, Airlines, Generators, Appliances, Toothpaste, EpiPen information, Insurances, etc.

Being able to compare and rank products makes each of us a “smarter shopper,” than if we just drive to the nearest store and bought what we saw at that location!

“Come on in and try ConsumerReports.org at the library! You will be well pleased with the results,” said organizers.

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