Top fire personnel put on administrative leave


UNION CITY, Ohio — Three Union City, Ohio, fire personnel are on administrative leave following a theft investigation.

The Village of Union City, Ohio, placed Fire Chief Pamela Idle, Assistant Fire Chief Brian Stump, and Captain Craig Idle on administrative leave without pay in August, after information was gathered that the three were involved in theft from the village.

Initial information was gathered causing Mayor Zachary Pruitt to place the three on administrative leave without pay. All information has been given to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office detectives so that they could complete a criminal investigation on the matter.

After the three were placed on administrative leave, Police Chief Mark Ater, who is a firefighter and a paramedic, was appointed to the interim fire chief position by Mayor Pruitt. Ater will be supervising the day-to-day operations at the Union City, Ohio, Fire Department.

The police chief, via a gag order from the village attorney, was advised not to release any more information.

The mayor ensures that the community will continue to receive fire and emergency medical services without interruption.

In March, the Union City, Ohio, Police Department investigated a theft of a controlled substance from the Union City Ohio, Fire Department drug box. At the conclusion of that investigation, it was found that Mya Stump stole Fentanyl, a controlled substance, that is commonly used by emergency medical providers to control pain in an emergency setting.

Mya Stump was indicted by the Darke County Grand Jury and was arrested for theft of a controlled substance. This case was handled in the Darke County Common Pleas Court. She has since received treatment in lieu of conviction on that case.

Photo courtesy of Facebook Fire Chief Pamela Idle and her husband Captain Craig Idle. courtesy of Facebook Fire Chief Pamela Idle and her husband Captain Craig Idle.
Police Chief Ater also serving as interim fire chief

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