Union City News: Dancing with the Stars


Dancing with the Stars (with a Tribute to Our Veterans) will be Saturday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. at The Union City Community High School Cafetorium Ticket are $10.

Tickets are available from the Chamber office, 227 W. Oak St., Union City, IN 765 694 5409. Email [email protected]

This event will be honoring the veterans, so please call or provide a picture of your family or friend who is a veteran so they too can be remembered. Also any sayings or quotes or notes from letters of veterans living or deceased can be shared by contacting the Union Chamber Office, Carla Benge at 765-964-5409 or via email [email protected]

Award-winning Jan Aukerman and Becky Dirksen will be performing at this event. Also featured is the Union City and Mississinawa Valley Dance Teams. Don and Suzette Johnson; Ronnie and Cindy Mullens; Jack and Carla Rowe, Jeff Taket and Nancy Ferrell; and Cindy Mullens and Errol Threewits will also perform.

Lots of talent and a fun night. Proceeds from the event will go to The Journey Home, a homeless shelter for veterans and other charities. Join the fun and help support the Chamber in this endeavor.

The Union City Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a “Business Window Decorating Contest for “Spookytown” in Union City. Any business window is eligible for entry in the decorating contest in Union City, Indiana-Ohio. A grand prize of $50 will be awarded based on originality, quality and not quantity of decorations. Entries will be accepted at the Chamber of Commerce Office until noon on Friday, Oct. 7.

This year’s voting is very simple. The Chamber will provide a jar in the participating businesses. You can vote by placing a nickel, dime or quarter in the jar of your favorite window. Judging will conclude on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The Chamber will then count the ‘votes’ in each business jar. The winner will win a $50 prize. A fun way to decorate the town and join the community spirit in Union City.

The Indiana Bicentennial torch passed through Union City on September 27. It was an exciting time to celebrate Indiana history. What at year for Union City, being named a Stellar Community, the Indiana Bicentennial and community support. As a community of volunteers, what have you done to volunteer?


By Linda DeHaven

Union City News

Linda DeHaven is the new author of the weekly column Union City News for The Daily Advocate. She may be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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