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The Village of Union City, Ohio “Wall of History” committee was established in March of 2011. We have come a long way in our search for the early history of Union City and its surrounding areas. However, we still need a lot of blanks filled in and only our citizens can help us do that.

We are asking our citizens to write their memories of what they remember about our village and their families who lived here in earlier times; what they remember about businesses, churches, schools, friends, teachers, etc. Additionally, we would welcome information about where they lived during those early years or where they were located and what they did for a living.

Can you share copies of photographs, records or anything pertaining to Union City’s earlier times up to our present day?

Do you remember the doctors who once practiced in our village and where they were located?

The Wall of History would welcome donations of old phone books, old newspapers, old clippings or anything about the village and its citizens.

In our display at the Village Municipal Building we have early obituaries and some list our citizens who were victims of previous wars. We also have records that reflect the history of the incorporation of the village; it tells of contracts with railroads, interurbans, electric and telephone companies, the building of streets, water, services and more. We also have copies of the first ordinance.

The committee has run out of space at the Municipal Building and we are currently looking for a larger space which would provide an area that would support the addition of more books and other items pertaining to the past. Ideally, this would be a place where folks would have room to take a seat while they browse through our collection of materials.

Check out our display, located at the City Building, 419 East Elm Street in Union City, Ohio. Looking it over can give you an idea of what we need.

If you can help the Wall of History committee in any way, please call Betty Grimes at 937-968-4756. Items or donations can also be left for us at the City Building.

We ask that you help us preserve the rich history of Union City and its surrounding counties.

Betty Grimes

Union City, Ohio

By Betty Grimes

Union City

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