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GREENVILLE — A resolution authorizing a renewal of a contract for liability insurance hit a snag during Tuesday night’s Greenville City Council meeting.

The resolution, authorizing a one-year contract with Littman-Thomas Insurance to provide liability insurance for the City of Greenville was called into question by Councilman Tracy Tryon.

Prior to the reading of ordinances and resolutions, City Auditor Roxanne Willman was asked about the resolution. She said the cost of the city’s liability insurance had gone down some since last year.

“We really didn’t see any need to go out and go shopping for different appraisals,” she said. “There’s a benefit to be had with somebody you can work with and is always there for you and does not raise the rates every year.”

When questioned by Tryon if any other insurance company had expressed an interest in providing the service, Willman said there had been one other, but that the second company did not offer what Littman-Thomas had.

“They gave us some things in one area, then took it away in another,” she said.

“It does take a lot of extra time to submit all the information they need to have in order to give us a quote. And what we found out was it wasn’t an equal comparison,” she added.

Councilman Leon Rogers motioned that council suspend the rules to have the resolution read by title only a second and third time. Tryon, Councilman Doug Schmidt and Councilwoman Dori Howdieshell voted “No,” preventing the motion from being approved, as six votes are required to suspend full readings of legislation.

The resolution will come before council again at its next meeting, October 18. If enacted, the resolution would be effective October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2017. The city is still being covered under its existing liability insurance, but in a grace period.

Mayor Steve Willman, who in the prior meeting announced that the city had considered abandoning the installation of permanent lights at the city’s fountain due to cost and might return money already donated, said the city could reconsider the project if citizens can chip in on the projected cost of $3,148.

“We kind of thought at one point it was going to be a dying subject, but then I believe now we might get funding for that. I’m thinking if maybe the city, since we have people on payroll that are doing the maintenance, we could use them to do the installation, that we may be able to come up with enough money to this,” he said.

Tuesday’s meeting marked the first session with newly-seated Councilman John Hensley, selected by Greenville Republicans to replace Willman, who took over as mayor in September.

Safety/Service Director Curt Garrison updated council on open positions in various city departments, including a look ahead at the Police Department where Sergeant Scott Drew will be retiring in January and Chief Dennis L. Butts is expected to retire sometime in 2017. Fourteen of 28 applicants have passed the civil service and physical testing for two positions which are currently open on the force.

He also discussed with council the possibility of adding a part-time custodian for the city building and promoting temporary department head Chuck Hapner to head of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, moves council agreed to consider at a future meeting.

Garrison also asked council to consider applying for an Ohio Department of Natural Resources NatureWorks matching grant, with the purpose of building a splashpad at the city’s South Park. Garrison said the total cost would likely be $200,000 to $250,000, with the city’s out-of-pocket expenses in the $60,000-75,000 range, if some of the work was performed by the city. Legislation authorizing the grant application, which can be made up to $300,000, will be presented at a future meeting.

In other business, council approved the following measures:

  • An ordinance authorizing appropriations to the park fund in the amount of $2,000, representing donations received for the Marling Band Shell project.
  • An ordinance allowing transfers to the sewage disposal fund, totaling $45,000, to replace and repair equipment failures.
  • An ordinance that blanket certificates covering purchase orders do not exceed $10,000, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code.
  • A resolution approving the safety/service director to enter into contract with six companies to provide the city’s water plant with chemicals for use and delivery in 2017.
  • A resolution providing a $500 stipend for the purchase of uniforms for the Fire Department chief and assistant chief.

Greenville City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 100 Public Square. The public is invited to attend and address council.

A resolution to approve a liability insurance contract for the city was temporarily stalled during Greenville City Council’s meeting Tuesday. The issue will be readdressed by council on October 18. resolution to approve a liability insurance contract for the city was temporarily stalled during Greenville City Council’s meeting Tuesday. The issue will be readdressed by council on October 18. Erik Martin | The Daily Advocate
Hears splashpad grant proposal

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