Versailles’ Joe Spitzer wins Coldwater Lions Invitational cross country meet


COLDWATER – Versailles’ Joe Spitzer won an individual championship at the Coldwater Lions Invitational cross country meet on Thursday in Coldwater.

In a meet that included athletes from Ansonia, Bradford, Mississinawa Valley and Versailles, Joe Spitzer won the high school boys race in a time of 16:17.24. In a field of 232 runners, he beat Jake Rethman from Fort Loramie by almost eight seconds.

Led by Joe Spitzer, the Versailles boys finished fifth as a team behind champion Fort Loramie, runner up St. Henry, third place Lincolnview and fourth place Parkway. Crestview finished sixth, Minster was seventh, Shawnee finished eighth, Marion Local was ninth, Coldwater finished 10th, Fort Recovery was 11th, Jackson Center finished 12th, New Bremen was 13th, St. Marys finished 14th, Celina was 15th, Van Wert finished 16th, Delphos St. John’s finished 17th, Bradford was 18th, and Ansonia finished 19th.

Along with Joe Spitzer, Versailles’ Noah Pleiman finished eighth overall in 17:25.90, Brooks Blakeley finished 36th in 18:17.47, Stuart Baltes finished 52nd in 18:48.53, Mitchell Huelskamp finished 63rd in 18:59.75, Adam Gehret finished 71st in 19:13.97, Caden Schulze finished 78th in 19:28.28, Jacob Wenig finished 79th in 19:28.97, Alex Brewer finished 97th in 19:49.09, Brody Hyre finished 118th in 20:11.06, Ben Rose finished 123rd in 20:14.56, Brian Heitkamp finished 132nd in 20:23.81, Luke Shellhaas finished 153rd in 21:13.59, Kyle Wuebker finished 154th in 21:17.15, Alex Barga finished 160th in 21:30.72, Jarrod Wagner finished 161st in 21:31.12, Lucas Perasoli finished 166th in 21:44.25, Blake Schulze finished 172nd in 21:47.84, Logan Miller finished 174th in 21:51.06, Dylan Johnson finished 177th in 22:05.53, Justin Besecker finished 182nd in 22:18.66, Ben Hole finished 185th in 22:28.25, Aydan Moran finished 205th in 23:49.55, James McClure finished 212th in 24:22.66, Dylan Meyer finished 213th in 24:25.53, and Adam Cordonnier finished 231st in 32:00.38.

Jay Roberts finished 62nd overall with a time of 18:58.53 to lead Bradford’s boys. Also for the Railroaders, Jackson Moore finished 73rd in 19:18.81, Shane Bryan finished 165th in 21:42.97, Jared Shellabarger finished 202nd in 23:25.69, and Kurt Hoover finished 208th in 23:57.22.

Brandon Thornhill finished 170th overall in a time of 21:45.96 to lead the Ansonia boys. Also for the Tigers, Michael Hall finished 173rd in 21:49.34, Daniel Shaner finished 193rd in 22:50.81, Tyler Neal finished 194th in 22:51.05, and Jacob Vietor finished 219th in 25:32.56.

Kaine Daniels led the Mississinawa Valley boys as he finished 228th overall in 28:48.06.

In the high school girls race Versailles finished third as a team behind champion Minster and runner up St. Henry. St. Marys finished fourth, Shawnee was fifth, Fort Loramie finished sixth, Coldwater was seventh, Fort Recovery finished eighth, Marion Local was ninth, New Bremen finished 10th, Lincolnview was 11th, Crestview finished 12th, St. John’s finished 13th, Parkway finished 14th, Ansonia was 15th, and New Knoxville finished 16th.

Liz Watren led Versailles’ girls as she finished 17th overall in 20:36.02. Also for the Lady Tigers, Megan Rismiller finished 21st in 20:59.58, Hannah Bey finished 25th in 21:08.37, Brynna Blakeley finished 29th in 21:20.08, Kara Spitzer finished 31st in 21:24.59, Kenia McEldowney finished 35th in 21:36.43, Emma Peters finished 38th in 21:42.12, Tori Schulze finished 44th in 22:01.75, Hannah Rose finished 58th in 22:33.20, Skyler Clune finished 62nd in 22:44.72, Emma Gasson finished 66th in 22:59.14, Dana Rose finished 69th in 23:14.27, Lucy Prakel finished 78th in 23:29.12, Kari Mangen finished 84th in 23:41.81, Colleen Gehret finished 87th in 23:49.58, Kara Langenkamp finished 89th in 23:53.93, Heather Albers finished 95th in 24:18.28, Jada Barlage finished 121st in 25:33.90, Olivia Waymire finished 123rd in 25:35.65, Natalie York finished 125th in 25:41.46, Amber Barga finished 154th in 26:44.87, Shelby Smith finished 155th in 26:45.50, Megan Rismiller finished 157th in 26:48.31, Jaden Prenger finished 161st in 27:05.24, Natalie Wuebker finished 174th in 28:14.62, Hallie Mills finished 192nd in 30:13.00, Kayla Bruns finished 200th in 32:01.09, Elizabeth Didier finished 209th in 34:41.52, Janelle Hoelscher finished 212th in 34:57.34, Sarah Cordonnier finished 213th in 34:57.65, and Nicole Gower finished 215th in 41:45.00.

Olivia Wright led the Ansonia girls by finishing 97th overall in a time of 24:25.28. Also for the Lady Tigers, Katie Werts finished 108th in 25:08.96, Skyler Marker finished 129th in 25:47.55, Amber Bergman finished 147th in 26:31.46, Stefani Garrett finished 162nd in 27:12.87, and Aleesha Gates finished 206th in 33:35.50.

Isabella Barga led the Mississinawa Valley girls by finishing 201st overall in a time of 32:09.38. Also for the Lady Hawks, Lindsay Wright finished 211th in 34:56.93, and Piper Phillips finished 216th in 42:37.00.

Karmen Knepp led Bradford’s girls as she finished third overall in a time of 19:47.68. Also for the Lady Railroaders, Maia Stump finished 132nd in 26:04.62, and Elisa Martinez finished 142nd in 26:21.84.

Minster’s Emma Watcke won the high school girls race, which included 216 runners, with a time of 19:31.28.

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