Rosary Rally set Oct. 15


GREENVILLE — St. Mary’s Catholic community will join 15,000 America Needs Fatima public square Rosary Rallies being held across the nation at noon Saturday, Oct. 15 to honor Lady of Fatima and pray for the country.

St. Mary’s invites every citizen of Darke County, who is concerned about the destiny of this country, to participate in this rally and pray the Rosary with them.

“You do not need to be Catholic to pray the Rosary” said organizers. “The prayers are simple and easily learned.”

They added, “Our country is in great need of prayer, to reverse the negative trends that have been escalating during the last eight years of the current administration. If you are concerned about retaining our constitutional rights and religious freedoms, we need to reunite in prayer because many voices will reach the heavens as a thunderous chorus of praise and petitions. These petitions will touch the heart of Our Lady of Fatima and her Son, Jesus, and will call upon the Father’s mercy for our country. Please join us.”

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