New family taking over Sweet Shop in Versailles


VERSAILLES — Even though Greta Bergman and her aunt, Julie (Pitsenbarger) Boring, and their spouses — Steve and Rod, respectively — have taken over ownership of the Sweet Shop in Versailles, they want to keep its same name.

Plus, they have added a motto, “Just Roll With It.”

Bergman, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her family plans to come up at least once a month or so to work at and oversee the business.

“I am married to Steve Bergman, who was born and raised in Fort Worth,” she said. “He was from a small family in a big city and always enjoyed going to Versailles, a small town where my big family is from. He was especially enamored with small business there [Versailles]. My grandfather, Bear Pitsenbarger, has always gone to Brown’s Sweet Shop in Versailles every morning forever. Steve thought it would be fun to go up at 4:30 a.m. one day with a group of men who meet before the doors opened. He went up and met Larry Brown [who recently retired as owner of a business his father started many years ago]. This past year, Steve worked a shift with Larry and stayed until mid-morning and fell in love with it. When he founded out Larry was going to retire, he told them he was interested in it. That was the champion in leading this.”

So, the deal was sealed, with Greta’s aunt, Julie Boring and husband Rod joining in as partners with the Bergmans.

“Julie is a sister to my mother, Polly (Pitsenbarger),” said Greta, who is also the daughter of Kevin Smith of Florida. “My mom took her vacation time recently to work in the Sweet Shop to get ready for last weekend. Mom is a registered nurse and I am a nurse, too.”

Steve has a business in Texas and they have been married almost 20 years. There are four sons, Harrison, 10, Gavin, 8, Cannon, 5, and Quinton, almost 2.

“I consider Versailles my home,” said Greta. “My dad was in the Army and we moved all around. I remember going to grandma’s house; it was consistent. Versailles was always consistent to me; it’s home. We come up at Christmas and for Poultry Days. My kids have grown to love it. My oldest son, who is in fourth grade, had to do a class project on where his favorite place is to be and he chose Versailles, Ohio.”

She said her Aunt Julie, owner of Boring & Associates, a certified public accountant firm, will be helping out at the Sweet Shop when needed, especially on weekends.

“My son, Andy, works at the baker where he fries doughnuts,” said Julie. “My dad, Bear, goes there every morning, sits in the same booth and orders a doughnut and coffee.”

She also reported that whenever she gets guests or family coming in, she orders treats from the Sweet Shop.”

“I saw where he [Larry Brown] was going to reduce his hours and I inquired if he would be interested in selling,” Julie said. “My son was interested in getting into a business. And, I knew it was Steve’s favorite place.”

Both women were at the reception last weekend for the previous owners with a lot of other people wishing the Browns well and welcoming the new owners.

“I can’t believe the amount of family support we have had…working, waitressing, working the grill and getting things organized,” Greta said. “Four of us are technically the owners but it’s truly a family affair. It’s incredible the amount of support and encouragement the community and family have given us. We would like to see it through another 75 years.”

Greta said she did research on the business prior to its purchase and found where it was open seven days a week 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. “back in the day.”

Are they making any changes? “We are trying to extend hours and bring back the soda jerk fountain and juke box,” she said.

They have already made some physical changes, such as new flooring and some new stainless steel equipment.

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