5 Darke County cross country runners qualify for OHSAA state meet


TROY – Five runners from Darke County schools qualified for the Ohio High School Athletic Association state cross country meet with their performances in the regionals on Saturday in Troy.

Arcanum’s Marcy Bradshaw, Bradford’s Karmen Knepp, Franklin Monroe’s Cole Good, Versailles’ Noah Pleiman and Versailles’ Joe Spitzer all qualified for state as individuals.

The top finish from Darke County runners came from Versailles junior Joe Spitzer, who won the Division II boys race with a time of 16:17.07. He edged Carroll senior Mike Laughlin by just 0.03 seconds for the regional championship.

Joe Spitzer’s teammate, Versailles senior Noah Pleiman, finished ninth in the Division II boys race in a time of 16:56.66 to qualify for state, too.

The top finish by a girl from a Darke County school came from Bradford sophomore Karmen Knepp, who finished as the regional runner up in the Division III girls race with a time of 19:46.90, finishing second to Springfield Catholic Central freshman Addy Engel.

Also in the Division III girls race Arcanum senior Marcy Bradshaw finished eighth with a time of 20:24.66 to join Karmen Knepp as a state qualifier.

Franklin Monroe sophomore Cole Good finished 16th in the Division III boys race with a time of 17:01.12 to earn a spot at state.

Other Darke County runners finished their seasons at the regional meet.

In the Division III boys race Arcanum senior Isaac Stephens finished 38th in 17:51.05 while Arcanum sophomore Tanner Delk finished 42nd in 17:57.34.

The Versailles girls, the lone Darke County squad to compete as a team at the regional meet, finished ninth in the Division II girls race. Sophomore Kara Spitzer finished 25th in 21:06.14, freshman Emma Peters finished 41st in 21:34.65, freshman Hannah Bey finished 54th in 21:55.60, junior Kenia McEldowney finished 55th in 22:02.32, sophomore Liz Watren finished 60th in 22:12.11, senior Brynna Blakeley finished 61st in 22:12.51, and junior Megan Rismiller finished 69th in 22:23.19.

The state qualifiers will compete on Nov. 5 at National Trail Raceway in Hebron. Franklin Monroe’s Cole Good will run at 11 a.m., Versailles’ Noah Pleiman and Joe Spitzer will run at 11:45 a.m., and Arcanum’s Marcy Bradshaw and Bradford’s Karmen Knepp will run at 1:30 p.m.

For complete results from the regional championships, visit baumspage.com. For more information about the state meet, visit ohsaa.org.

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Versailles’ Joe Spitzer runs during the Ohio High School Athletic Association regional cross country meet on Saturday in Troy.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Joe-Spitzer-WEB-4-1.jpgVersailles’ Joe Spitzer runs during the Ohio High School Athletic Association regional cross country meet on Saturday in Troy. Kyle Shaner|The Daily Advocate

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