Bradford to vote on levy renewal


BRADFORD — Residents of the Village of Bradford will be voting on continuing a street tax levy that has been in use for at least two decades.

“There will be no changes to it,” Bradford Village Administrator Roger Looker said. “It’s hugely important to the community.”

The renewal will continue to benefit of the village for the purpose of the general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, and repair of streets and roadways at a rate not exceeding 7 mills for each one dollar of valuation. This amounts to $0.70 for each one hundred dollars in valuation, for five years, commencing in 2017, first due in the calendar year 2018.

Looker said that the street levy has been used to benefit a number of road projects in his 18 years with the village. He explained that the funds raised from the levy are generally used to leverage more grants and funds from the state, such as for Miami Avenue, which was a nearly $4 million project.

The levy funds has also gone toward improvements on Wyatt and Church streets, as well as resurfacing the entire northwest quadrant of the village. Looker also mentioned that the village was able to use around $75,000 of funds from the levy and $75,000 in grant money to improve Wise Street.

The funds from the street levy also go toward annual maintenance of the roadways to preserve them until the village has enough funds raised to resurface them.

If the community continues to approve this levy, one project that the village is looking to use those funds for in 2018 is the replacement of Harrison Avenue.
Decades-old levy to benefit streets

By Sam Wildow

Civitas Media

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