Two seek 84th Ohio House seat


CELINA — Voters in the 84th District have a contested race for the House seat vacated by state Rep. Jim Buchy. Buchy announced he will retire at the end of 2016. Republican candidate Keith Faber is hoping to claim victory over Democrat Ed Huff Jr.

Huff, 65, is a business owner and has served as a township trustee for 22 years. He is a trustee for Brown Township, is president of Darke County Township Association and is a board director and secretary-treasurer of the Ohio Township Association. He lives in Ansonia with his wife and three children. He said he people should have a choice to represent them and someone who will work for them.

Faber, 50, is a licensed attorney and president of the Ohio Senate. He has established a statewide reputation for helping to grow Ohio’s economy, eliminating wasteful government spending, protecting the sanctity of life and fighting for individual freedom, such as Second Amendment gun rights and the free exercise of religion. He lives in Celina with his wife and has two children.

Both cite their reasons for running for this position.

“I just like helping people. I think a lot of these legislators forget where they come from. They forgot who they’re working for. I have been in business for 43 years and been a trustee for over 22 years, I was a village clerk for Ansonia for three and a half years. I have an associate degree in accounting and I enjoy helping people. Somebody needs to work for the people and I just feel we don’t have that right now,” Huff said.

Faber wants to finish what he has started in the Senate.

“I want to continue to work on our efforts to grow jobs and strengthen our economy. For me it’s pretty simple, I want to make sure our kids have the ability to meet their God-given potential and have the same opportunities our parents and grandparents gave us. We do that by giving them the opportunity to do or be what they want and what their talents will take them to. And that’s on education, that’s on workforce training, tax reform, regulatory reform, all the things I’ve championed. It’s making a difference here in Ohio, despite the dysfunction in D.C. and the headwinds, we have made substantial progress so I want to continue on that work,” Faber said.

Huff said he is the man to step up to the challenge of helping Ohio.

“It seems like no one wants to step up to the plate. We do have jobs, and we need to get people off welfare and get them back to work. I think we need more local government and smaller state government and federal government. I think the local government is closer to the people. We know what they want. If elected I am going to say we need to work together and help the people,” Huff said. “My grandfather taught me, he was in business for over 40 years, he taught me you treat people fair. We need to work on the medical field. I think we need to have more competition back in here to get the price down. I am going to be honest with you, one person isn’t going to change anything but somebody needs to go down there and start fighting for people and maybe you’ll get more people to join in. Another problem we’re having is this heroin. We can’t sit on our hands and let it happen. We can’t make life easy on people that cause crimes. The reason why I’m doing what I’m doing, I want my grandkids and my kids to have a little bit of what I had growing up. We also need to do a better job at managing money. We can’t have 40 percent of the people pulling the wagon with 60 percent riding.”

Faber said he has his proven track record to rely on.

“I have been honored to represent this district and I’m honored by the fact that almost everybody who has endorsed me in this election has supported my candidacy and that’s from my predecessor Jim Buchy to all the way through the [National Rifle Association] and Ohio Right to Life and all the folks, all the business groups, they’ve supported my candidacy to the House. And they’ve done that in part because I’ve stayed focused on the issues. I stayed talking about the things that matter to Ohioans, jobs economy, education, workforce training, and we have made a difference. And I would just humbly ask the voters for their support for me to go back to the House and continue working on the things that make a difference. I have always looked at it as a service more than a job. I have tried to make a difference and I think we’ve done some good things, we just have more to do,” Faber said.



Ed Huff Jr., left, and Keith Faber Huff Jr., left, and Keith Faber

By Merri Hanjora

Civitas Media

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