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I choose Matt Aultman as candidate for Darke County Commissioner. Matt Aultman has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state agricultural issues while working in his family’s farming business. Matt also has displayed strong leadership skills while serving as chairman of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce and on the Darke County Fair Board. His keen business sense and leadership skills were already apparent back when he was in the Greenville FFA program and Darke County 4-H.

Matt has stated as commissioner he wants to keep Darke County productively growing for the next generation in all economic areas and at the same time be fiscally responsible to the citizens that pay taxes who live here.

That statement is evident since Matt chose to work and raise his family in Darke County when so many young people choose to move away. Matt contributes all this to his family who made him who he is. He was taught the values of hard work, the value of your word and staying financially responsible.

Those are morals and values that should be possessed in public office.

With strong confidence I support Matt Aultman as candidate for Darke County Commissioner.

Debbie Nisonger


By Debbie Nisonger


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