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GREENVILLE — In an attempt to resolve a logjam regarding a fuel stop being built south of the city, Darke County Commissioner Diane Delaplane spoke to Greenville City Council Tuesday.

Erwin Bros. Trucking of Ansonia is constructing a fuel stop at the juncture of U.S. Routes 127 and Ohio Route 49. The Erwins are seeking to purchase water and sewer services from Greenville, but the city wants a number of improvements to the property before signing a pre-annexation agreement with the business. The Erwins had hoped to open their business by December 1, an opening which is unlikely to occur unless some agreement is reached.

One of the main points of contention is the city administration’s assertion that Industrial Drive, a county road which runs between the fuel stop and a new garage being built by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), is not wide enough to handle anticipated truck traffic. The Darke County Commissioners and the Erwins disagree, saying the road’s current width is acceptable.

“The county road has been determined to be adequate for semis, it meets the specs of ODOT in regards to the traffic that can be there,” she said.

Delaplane suggested, however, the city’s requirement for widening the road be removed from a proposed agreement with the Erwins and instead be incorporated into a revised or new agreement between the county and the city.

“Upon potential annexation, in the future if it happens, that the road would be improved by Darke County,” she explained.

In a letter dated November 9, Commissioner Mike Stegall, on behalf of the county commissioners, proposed as such, in exchange for the city providing the Erwins with an amended pre-annexation agreement which would rescind the city’s requirements for sidewalks, curbs and gutters at that property.

Council President John Burkett, noting that the request was a “reopening of negotiations,” said he believed it should be referred to the city’s law committee for review.

City Attorney Eric Brand said it would be appropriate under those circumstances.

Delaplane suggested there were two ways the issue could be approached: Either amend the existing agreement between the county and city, or create a separate agreement dealing exclusively with the road in question.

Burkett assigned the law committee, composed of Council Members Doug Schmidt, John Hensley and Dori Howdieshell, to meet and the discuss the proposal. No date was set for the committee to meet.

Safety/Service Director Curt Garrison asked council its wishes regarding the installation of street lights on streets near the new K-8 school building. Garrison said that the Greenville City School District had offered to pay $9,000 of the upfront costs of $9,560 for spun aluminum poles. Wood light poles would not be subject to an upfront payment.

“The remainder of $560 would come out of our operating budget for street lights,” he said.

Despite an extra fixture charge of $966 per year paid to Miami Valley Lighting, council, by general consensus, agreed that the aluminum poles would be more aesthetically pleasing and authorized Garrison to pursue that course.

City Auditor Roxanne Willman reported to council the anticipated health insurance costs for city workers in 2017.

The insurance task force recently met and agreed on an 8 percent healthcare insurance increase for city’s Self Insured Healthcare Plan. The rates established (per month) for 2017 are as follows:

For city workers, the costs will be:

  • Single Plan: City Share $ 464.00/Employee Share $51.56
  • Family Plan: City Share $1,072.38/Employee Share $268.08

For police officers only:

  • Single Plan: City Share $438.24/Employee Share $77.32
  • Family Plan: City Share $1,139.40/Employee Share $201.06

Willman said, with these rates, the city anticipates it will cover all expenses for 2017 plus adding to the fund balance by $6,000 to $8,000 dollars.

In other business, council approved the following ordinances and resolutions:

  • An ordinance authorizing appropriations to the general fund for Salaries — Municipal Building in the amount of $300 and New Equipment — Municipal Building in the amount of $3,600. These funds represent donations received for the installation of fountain lights.
  • An ordinance transferring to the general fund $2,000 to purchase a new radio repeater for the Greenville Police Department and a Whirlpool Income Tax rebate in the amount of $57,000 to cover refunds in excess of the 2016 budget.
  • An ordinance waiving a tap-in fee for a new water line for fire protection for the Whirlpool plant.
  • Resolutions authorizing the adoption of natural gas and electric aggregation plans for the city.
  • Resolutions authorizing the mayor to submit certifications to the Ohio Natural Gas Governmental Aggregators to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio for the purchase of natural gas and electricity.
  • A resolution authorizing the donation of a 2008 LTN with lift transit vehicle to Greenville American Legion Post #140.

Greenville City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are held in the council chambers on the second floor of the Municipal Building, 100 Public Square, in Greenville. The meetings are open to the public.

Darke County Commissioner Diane Delaplane addresses Greenville City Council Tuesday night. The county is seeking to discuss with the city a revised or new pre-annexation agreement involving the Erwin Bros. fuel stop being constructed south of town. County Commissioner Diane Delaplane addresses Greenville City Council Tuesday night. The county is seeking to discuss with the city a revised or new pre-annexation agreement involving the Erwin Bros. fuel stop being constructed south of town. Erik Martin | The Daily Advocate
Fuel stop opening in jeopardy

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