Darke trustees have their own merry Christmas


GREENVILLE — A fun time was once again had at the Darke County Township Association’s (DCTA’s) annual Christmas banquet at Romer’s in Greenville.

Approximately 210 people, including state directors, local dignitaries, business people, friends and, of course, Santa Claus, were in attendance at the annual affair. The event was hosted by the township trustees and the fiscal officers.

Entertainment was presented by JR Price and the Greenville High School Jazz Scene, presenting old tunes, new tunes and Christmas songs. And, solos, were also performed among the group.

A moment of silence was held for Joe Martin, a former Washington Township trustee, who died Nov. 26.

DCTA President Ed Huff Jr. recognized Darke County officials and department heads, state officials and former officials and DCTA presidents, and he and Vice President Jim Zumbrink recognized all of the sponsors making this Christmas banquet possible.

State directors in attendance were Second Vice President Tim Lynch of Seneca County;Roy Hollenbacher of Allen County; Ron Miller of Crawford County; Steven Woolf of Montgomery County; Calvin “Carl” Mangun of Carroll County; Dale Dietrich of Monroe County [who made it possible for Santa’s arrival] and, of course, Huff, who is OTA secretary-treasurer.

The evening ended after gifts from the township and state trustees and public officials were given out as door prizes. Santa delivered some “sticks” to the tables of some local public officials; a pair of “naught” underwear to Darke County Engineer Jim Surber; and a sock full of “coal” to the table of John Hein, Darke County Common Pleas Court judge.

It was announced that the next DCTA meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 19 at the EMA Building.

Local officers of the DCTA, in addition to Huff and Zumbrink, are Deb Kuhle, secretary; and Dave Brewer, treasurer.









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