DP&L offers safety and energy savings tips to help customers prepare for the winter chill


DAYTON — Dayton Power and Light (DP&L), a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE:AES), encourages its customers to be safe and weather aware as single-digit temperatures are in the forecast this week. DP&L is well-prepared to meet the increase in demand for electricity. As the temperatures continue to drop, here are some helpful safety and energy tips to consider.

Be safe at home:

  • Always assume fallen or sagging electrical wires are live and dangerous. Report fallen lines online, or call 877-4OUTAGE.
  • All supplemental sources of heat and portable generators must have proper ventilation, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Gas and wood-burning fireplaces both emit carbon monoxide. Make sure you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector in your home to detect the odorless gas. Use caution and practice fire safety.
  • If you use candles, be careful. Remember to keep them away from children and combustible materials and never leave candles unattended.
  • Prepare an outage emergency kit.
  • Take precautions with your pets, limit time outside with the frigid temperatures.

Be smart about energy use:

  • Lower your thermostat, each degree above 68°F can add 3 percent to the amount of energy needed for heating.
  • Open curtains and blinds during the day to let the warm sun in. Keep curtains and blinds closed at night to keep cold air out.
  • Avoid using space heaters. They are expensive to operate and dangerous.
  • Set ceiling fans to turn clockwise and run them on low speed to circulate warm air.
  • Use energy efficient practices year-round to manage energy use and save money.

DP&L wants customers to be prepared, www.dpandl.com/winter offers for easy outage reporting, safety tips and recommendations on what to pack in your emergency outage kit. Follow us on Twitter at @DPLToday where we make every effort to provide relevant, real-time outage updates.

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