Tri-Village School adopts 11 families for the Christmas


NEW MADISON — A celebration assembly was held Tuesday morning for the Tri-Village Adopt-A-Family Campaign.

Celebrated was the success of the school’s fundraising efforts this year.

“We raised over $10,000 and will be adopting 11 families with 23 children in the Tri-Village School District this year for Christmas,” said Beth Fisherback. “Our two weeks of fundraising for Adopt-A-Family shows a total of $10,551. We earned $4,000 at a Quarter Auction at the end of November and came up with the $6,500 in the last two weeks. There was a lot of generosity.”

The program consisted of recognizing winners of contests that were held throughout the campaign and the principals and some others who got pies in the face.

Contests included Crazy Hair Day, Ugly Sweater and Ornament contests.

Winners for the Crazy Hair Day contest were: Aubrey Light of kindergarten; Lyvia Mayl of first grade; Alexa Light, third-grader; Leana Metzcar, a fourth-grade student; Arizona Adkins, a fifth-grader; Loryn Metzcar of sixth grade; seventh-grader Emilee Frech; eighth-grader Hope Hurd; Cassie Jackson, a junior; Austin Stump, senior; and Lori Lowrie, teacher.

Winning the Ugly Sweater Contest were: Brooklyn Harmon of kindergarten; Addy Evans, first grade; Jaxon Myers, second grade; Raiden Quinn, third grade; Lydia Ayette, fourth grade; Kearsten Auske, sixth grade; Matt Harmon, elementary teacher; Camryn Wyne, seventh grade; Cadi Davis, eighth grade; Alisha Rismiller, freshman; Logan Kirk, sophomore; Tanner Jones, junior; Chloe Clark, senior; and junior high/high school teacher, Brandon Moore.

The ornament winners from the junior high/high school are: Beth Fisherback, first place and dressing as an elf with 541 ornaments; Justin Sloan, also dressing as an elf, second place with 400 ornaments; and Logan Brubaker, third place and dressing like a Christmas tree with 247 ornaments. Austin Stump was also there as Santa’s helper.

A fun time for the students was to see the adults at their school get a pie thrown in their faces.

Student Gabby Lochard was chosen to throw a pie in the face of Elementary Principal Shane Mead. She is a student in Karen Bietry’s class in the elementary class which raised $144.32, for the first-place finish.

Sarah Eley’s class was second in the elementary class with $109.44, with student Lucas Howell chosen to throw pie in elementary teacher Zac Graham’s face.

The first-place homeroom from the junior high/high school which had someone throw a pie in Junior High/High School Principal Lee Morris’ face was Savannah Gray from Christine Gutierrez/Lori Lowrie’s homeroom, which turned in a total of $254.46.

The second-place homeroom of Malynda Davis’, which collected $161.11, was represented by student Elijah Driver, who threw the pie at high school teacher Brandon Moore.

All the gifts and food was to be delivered to the families after the program. Gifts included clothes, toys, shoes and lots of gift certificates with each family receiving $200 worth of groceries.

The adoptive families each year are recommended by teachers, and this year, a local church asked for the school’s help in helping another family.

“We raised more last year, but we had 14 families,” Fisherback said. “We had very few toddlers this year.”

Among those assisting Fisherback, who is the junior high school student council adviser, on this fundraiser were Annette Black, counselor; and Heather Stump, high school student council adviser.
Tri-Village School raises over $10K to help families

By Linda Moody

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