Versailles girls swim team finishes 12th at Lima Holiday Invitational


LIMA – The Versailles High School girls swim team placed 12th out of 18 teams that scored points at the Lima Holiday Invitational on Tuesday at the Lima YMCA.

Team scores were as follows: 1st, Ottawa Glandorf, 292 points; 2nd, Celina, 284 points; 3rd, Lima Shawnee, 261 points; 4th, Wapakoneta, 242 points; 5th, Minster, 223 points; 6th, Ft. Recovery, 166 points; 7th, New Bremen, 133 points; 8th, Lima Central Catholic, 115 points; 9th, Upper Sandusky, 106.5 points; 10th, Coldwater, 88 points; 11th, Kenton, 81.5 points; 12th, Versailles, 61 points; 13th, Elida, 32 points; 14th, St. Henry, 26 points; 15th, Lima Senior, 22 points; 16th, St. Marys Memorial, 19 points; 17th, Bath, 16 points; and 18th, Marion Local, 2 points.

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard medley relay: 14th, Emily Kramer, Heather Albers, Faith Wilker, Payton Berger, 2:11.25; 22nd, Courtney Batten, Lucy Prakel, Kasidy Dross, Grace Francis, 2:23.94; 30th, Kari Mangen, Taylor Cordonnier, Grace Carman, Chloe Francis, 2:35.04; 38th, Claire Keiser, Adel Karolyi, Shelby Smith, Olivia Waymire, 2:57.43

200 yard freestyle: 32nd, Deanna Day, 2:44.07; 40th, Grace Carman, 2:52.40; 52nd, Shelby Smith, 3:09.41; 56th, Claire Keiser, 3:17.40

200 yard IM: 9th, Faith Wilker, 2:43.54; 19th, Grace Francis, 3:06.13

50 yard freestyle: 13th, Heather Albers, 28.20; 24th, Tori Ahrens, 28.85; 48th, Lucy Prakel, 31.72; 49th, Kasidy Dross, 31.87; 58th, Chloe Francis, 32.79; 60th, Kaia Kruckeberg, 32.96; 62nd, Lacee Cotterman, 33.08; 63rd, Kari Mangen, 33.22; 67th, Jaden Prenger, 33.81; 71st, Hannah Bey, 34.15; 78th, Katelyn Rush, 35.57; 81st, Olivia Waymire, 35.80; 97th, Adel Karolyi, 37.80

100 yard butterfly: 16th, Faith Wilker, 1:18.02; 22nd, Grace Francis, 1:25.65

100 yard freestyle: 27th, Tori Ahrens, 1:07.90; 29th, Payton Berger, 1:07.93; 34th, Kasidy Dross, 1:10.65; 35th, Deanna Day, 1:11.00; 46th, Kaia Kruckeberg, 1:14.72; 48th, Chloe Francis, 1:15.53; 51st, Grace Carman, 1:16.08; 59th, Lacee Cotterman, 1:18.19; 69th, Shelby Smith, 1:22.66; 76th, Katelyn Rush, 1:23.95; 79th, Adel Karolyi, 1:24.78; 84th, Olivia Waymire, 1:26.30; 87th, Jaden Prenger, 1:28.86

500 yard freestyle: 16th, Emily Kramer, 6:39.80; 24th, Courtney Batten, 7:16.51

200 yard freestyle relay: 18th, Tori Ahrens, Grace Francis, Lucy Prakel, Payton Berger, 2:00.99; 26th, Deanna Day, Kari Mangen, Grace Carman, Lacee Cotterman, 2:10.97; 34th, Hannah Bey, Kaia Kruckeberg, Katelyn Rush, Jaden Prenger, 2:19.77

100 yard backstroke: 18th, Emily Kramer, 1:14.94; 26th Courtney Batten, 1:19.53; 35th, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:31.56; 38th, Kari Mangen, 1:34.05; 42nd, Claire Keiser, 1:38.04

100 yard breaststroke: 7th, Heather Albers, 1:16.80; 22nd, Hannah Bey, 1:26.01; 25th, Payton Berger, 1:26.59; 29th, Lucy Prakel, 1:28.47; 36th, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:34.80

400 yard freestyle relay: 5th, Tori Ahrens, Faith Wilker, Emily Kramer, Heather Albers, 4:18.18; 17th, Deanna Day, Chloe Francis, Kasidy Dross, Courtney Batten, 4:49.32; 28th, Lacee Cotterman, Claire Keiser, Hannah Bey, Taylor Cordonnier, 5:35.29; 30th, Adel Karolyi, Katelyn Rush, Olivia Waymire, Jaden Prenger, 5:40.63

The team is coached by Penny Cromwell and Mark Travis. For more information about the swim team, visit its website at, click on Athletics, click on Sports Schedules and click on Swimming.

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