Mississinawa Valley, Versailles bowling teams win WOHSBC matches


COLDWATER – The Mississinawa Valley boys, Versailles boys and Versailles girls all won their West Ohio High School Bowling Conference matches on Saturday at Pla-Mor Lanes in Coldwater.

The Mississinawa Valley boys beat Ansonia 2,350-1,458. Alex Longfellow led Mississinawa Valley with games of 186 and 178, Mason Hardwick rolled a 188, Brandon White rolled a 178, Matt Slyder rolled a 166, Lucas Neubauer rolled a 154, Zach Hopkins rolled a 146, and Duncan Champ rolled a 124. Jedd Rismiller led Ansonia with games of 147 and 85, Allen Christman rolled games of 119 and 112, Charles Murphy rolled games of 85 and 113, Tyler Dishman rolled a 104, Damien Hampton rolled a 79, Tyler Clark rolled a 70, and Jacob Vietor rolled a 67.

Mississinawa Valley’s boys improved to 5-1 while Ansonia’s boys fell to 0-6.

Versailles’ boys beat Marion Local 2,750-2,428. Alex Groff led Versailles with games of 166 and 232. Also for the Tigers, Jacob Wenig rolled a 178 and 213, Luke Shellhaas rolled a 204 and 181, Kyle Cotner bowled games of 191 and 167, Brandon Bradley rolled a 169, and Brody Hyre rolled a 153.

The Versailles boys improved to 4-2 with their victory.

The Versailles girls beat Fort Loramie 2,512-2,054. Maggie Hedrick led Versailles with two games of 195. Also for the Lady Tigers, Morgan Hietkamp rolled games of 170 and 177, Lindsey Cheadle rolled a 169, Brigette Holsapple bowled a 160, and Makenzie Berning rolled a 156.

Versailles’ girls improved to 4-2 with their win.

The Mississinawa Valley girls lost 2,626-2,027 to Coldwater. Spencer Warren led Mississinawa with games of 187 and 166. Also for the Lady Hawks, Tabitha Richards rolled games of 160 and 147, Tiffany Westfall rolled a 168 and 123, Audree Weimer bowled a 120 and 112, Airrika Westfall rolled a 101, and Elizibeth Mangas rolled a 100.

Mississinawa Valley’s girls fell to 3-2 with the loss.

Ansonia’s girls lost 2,013-1,701 to Russia. Madison Stover led Ansonia with games of 131 and 170. Also for the Lady Tigers, Lexi Shinn rolled a 79 and 185, Rebecca Thornhill rolled a 115 and 102, Audrey Kelly bowled games of 101 and 93, and Sarah Clark rolled a 92-89.

The Ansonia girls fell to 0-6 with the loss.

Mississinawa Valley’s girls will return to action at 5:30 p.m. Thursday with a match against Marion Local at Pla-Mor Lanes in Coldwater.

Competition will continue Saturday with Darke County’s teams competing at Community Lanes in Minster. At 9:45 a.m. the Ansonia boys will face Marion Local, and the Mississinawa Valley boys will face Fort Loramie. At 1 p.m. the Ansonia girls will face Coldwater, the Mississinawa Valley girls will face New Bremen and the Versailles girls will face Marion Local.

For complete results and standings from the WOHSBC, visit its website at wohsbc.com.


By Kyle Shaner

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