Versailles boys bowling team places 13th at the Pioneer Classic


LIMA – Versailles varsity boys bowling team traveled to Lima on Jan. 16 to face 31 other teams at the Pioneer Classic and finished 13th overall.

The format of the tournament included three regular games and five Baker games producing a team score and overall seed. The top eight teams then made the cut to bowl in a best-of-five Baker game bracket format.

“The boys worked hard today,” Versailles assistant coach Mike Groff said. “The oil pattern was tough, and the pins were not falling for us like we hoped.”

Regular game total scores for the Tigers were 872, 906 and 854 for a 2,632 series.

Individually Kyle Cotner rolled games of 166, 212 and 198 for a 576 series. Luke Shellhaas bowled games of 163, 232 and 156 for a 551 series. Alex Groff rolled games of 215, 149 and 168 for a 532 series. Jacob Wenig rolled games of 146, 179 and 177 for a 502 series. Brody Hyre bowled a 182, and Aydan Moran bowled a 155.

Versailles’ Baker scores were 140, 183, 162, 106 and 163 for a total of 754.

The Tigers needed to bowl well during the Baker games to make the cut. The kids fought to make adjustments with the lanes but the pins just didn’t fall.

“This was a great opportunity to compete against strong bowlers across all divisions in the state of Ohio,” Coach Groff said. “I was very proud of the boys.”

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