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Much has been written and discussed about what is not happening, let us take a few moments to look at what is happening in your community. Living in Union City has been a very good experience for our family, active in community events and organizations but with younger adults, lives are so busy and the trend seems to fade to focusing on activities rather than joining and volunteering with an organizations.

In the next few weeks, we will take a look at what organizations do and how you can help. Today we look at the American Legion.

Union City’s American Legion is seeking new members

American Legion Post 158 in Union City is seeking to draw new members. To do so, they are offering a free one-year membership to any honorably discharged active duty, national guard, or reserve veteran that joined the military after the 1991 Gulf War era that live in Union City, Indiana, or Ohio. Applicants must have their DD214 discharge paperwork.

There are stigmas associated with veteran organizations. Many younger veterans think they are just bars with a bunch of guys sitting around telling “war stories.” While there are some stories told at the post, today’s American Legion is much more than that. Post 158 is heavily involved with the community, and covers the entire Randolph County in regards to requests for Honor Guard contingents for veteran funerals. The Legion is also one of the best Veterans service organizations recognized by the Veterans Administration where veterans can seek support, benefit information, and representation for VA claims.

However, like many posts around the country, our membership is aging; it is time for the younger veterans to step up like they did when they first raised their hand to serve, and be a part of this amazing organization. Please stop by the Post and talk to us about applying.

A few of the programs include:

-Flag Advocacy- Our Post travels to all Randolph County schools and distributes pamphlets on our Flag’s history and education. They then return to the school and administer a test. Two winners per fourth-grade class per school (boy/girl) receive a $100 cash prize. That is a significant prize for a fourth-grade student!

– Support of veterans in distress – Our Post asks our members at our monthly meetings if anyone has a family member or knows of a Veteran in distress, we then seek to assist those in need.

– Donations – Our Post receives donation requests every month, and does our best to support local programs, especially youth efforts. Our Post has been the number one donor to the Union City Baseball Booster program for two years.

– Veteran funerals – Our Post supports the entire county in regards to requests for Honor Guards to support veteran funerals, they also frequently support funerals in other counties if requested due their respected reputation.

– Our Post plans and conducts Union City’s annual Memorial Day parade and ceremony at the Union City Cemetery.

– Our Post plans and conducts Union City’s annual Veterans Day recognition.

You are encouraged to join and/or support an organization. The vitality of a community lays in the hands of those under 55. Take a moment and ponder, what have you done to help your community. Volunteer today.


By Linda DeHaven

Union City News

Linda DeHaven is the new author of the weekly column Union City News for The Daily Advocate. She may be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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