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Attention young career women: This advice is for you…no charge.

After my wife Pepper became a U.S. citizen she went to school and learned to read and write English, in a fashion.

Every day it’s Pepper, The Daily Advocate and her smartphone.

Pepper discovered there was a Darke County Republican Women’s Club. After I explained what it was to her, she wanted to join. I knew it would be good for her to be around other women. The women have been wonderful to her, and once a month after dinner, I get to hear all about who was there and what politician gave a speech, etc.

Sometime back she announced that the club needed new members and they wanted young women. She had to recruit and she expected me to help. Having been moderately successful in recruiting women since the first grade, I said I would think about it. After going through her membership book, and because I personally know several members, I agreed to help.

They need young women.

So young women, here is some information you need to consider if you want to be successful in Darke County. The group of ‘ole gals control more wealth, have more power and political influence than any other group in Darke County. They are mostly the wives and widows of the most successful men in the county. The group also has professional, business and women politicians. All mature, older, women.

They know everyone and everything that is going on. They can be a great source of contacts for you. Older women love to mentor young women to help them succeed. You would be a fool to pass up this asset. To be successful, you have to be noticed first.

So here is my recruitment offer; the first 10 young women between the ages of 18 and 40 that join the Republican’s Women’s Club will have their 2017 dues paid by me.

You have nothing to lose and a whole world of success to gain. And, I keep my wife happy.

Contact Jo Ellen Melling for more information on the club at 937-548-1018.

Stay tuned,

Don Wright


By Don Wright


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