County loans and grants are available for qualified individuals


GREENVILLE — Applications are now being accepted for county Rehabilitation Projects and Home Repairs programs.

Both programs are available to existing homeowners or to home buyers who will occupy the home as their primary residence and are making low to moderate income, according to rates set forth by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 2016.

Darke County has funds available for either extensive Rehabilitation Projects (loans), or limited Home Repairs (grants) through the Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP). Chip funds are provided to qualifying county residents by the Darke County Board of Comissioners. The commissioners were awarded CHIP funding by the Ohio Development Services Agency Office of Community Development. CHIP funds are federal funds provided by (HUD).

Loan funds are available for many Rehabilitation Projects, such as updating electrical, plumbing, heating and septic/well systems; foundation repairs; roof/gutters/downspouts repairs; window and door replacements. These projects are generally limited to a maximum of $40,000 and must bring properties up to the state’s Residential Rehabilitation Standards.

The terms of the loan are as follows: a zero percent interest – deferred loan with zero monthly payments, 75 percent of the borrowed amount will be forgiven over a five-year period, the remaining 25 percent will remain as an interest-free loan and only needs repaid when the owner sells, rents, vacates or otherwise transfers ownership of the property.

In addition, grants are available for many Home Repair projects, such as the repair or replacement of furnaces and hot water heaters; roof repairs and replacements; water/sewer hook-ups; installation of septic systems and wells and electrical and plumbing upgrades. These projects are generally limited to $13,000. Assistance is provided in the form of a 100 percent grant and repayment is not required.

“To me, that’s like – wow!” county Grants Coordinator Jeff Miller said. “That’s a great deal.”

To take advantage of these programs, an application has to be filled out where income is verified, and someone comes out to assess the home, Miller said. Upon approval, bids are put out, the home owner picks the contractor and the work is completed.

“The homeowner gets the work done and oversees and supervises the work as it being completed on their property,” he said.

According to Miller 27 projects are up for grabs, that will be completed through the program in the next 1-1/2 years, which is about $770,000 worth of projects. All the projects have to be finished by October, 2018, as it is a two-year cycle program.

It is important to apply soon, to meet the deadline and to get the application reviewed and approved, as it takes some time, Miller advised.

“People can apply now,” he said. “We have had applications since last February. Our goal is to line up the projects and spend all of that money.”

For more information, contact Administrative Assistant of Community Development and Grants Sally Keiser at 937-547-7368.

For those seeking Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) information, Miller will attend a training April 12. Sometime following his training, his department will have a public hearing, to inform the county villages to what is going on with that funding and some of the changes taking place.

“Being new, I need to stay informed, but I think other people need to know this stuff too,” Miller said.
CHIP program offers loans and grants

By Carolyn Harmon

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